1. Plasma_Snake

    Pidgin droppings

    Yes, I'm not able to connect to my Gmail account thru it, shows "Read error". What to do/ Tried deleting the account and re-enabling it too. Pidgin's version is 2.5.2
  2. godsownman

    Yahoo! IM offline messages

    Hello , Can anybody please help me as to re-enabling the offline messages feature. I dont know how but they seem to have got disabled. When I tried all the other accounts of my family on the same PC they received their offline messages. Can somebody please help me for re-enabling...
  3. R

    Thunderbird & GMail

    After formatting my PC, I've come across many problems !!! Here is one of them... I can't download my mails from my GMail account. I could do it earlier though. I tried re-enabling POP access and also moving the mails to Inbox but to no use !!! HELP !
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