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  1. meetdilip

    WinRar alternative

    Any free alternative that can open .rar files ? I am ok even if it cannot compress.
  2. Neuron

    I made a game!

    Well ,I made a small game, a worm game.Programmed using the win32 API. The .txt attachment you see is a .rar file rename it to .rar and extract it to get the executable.In case you get a 'missing dll' dialog box download the entire files here
  3. S

    software supported to .rar extention

    HI Sude, thax 2 u ,u solve my lotsup problems now plz solve my one more problem i.e i have a compaq laptop C700 series (window Xp) u sent a audio diver which have the .rar extention & problem is that the driver is not installed (not open) so bcoz of no supporting software so plz tell me...
  4. eggman

    Can't D/L '.rar' from Rapidshare, but from other sites!!

    Hello friends I have a wi-fi connection provided by college!! The Admin has banned '.rar' files for downloading from any site!! But by using https://www.url1.in/, I can easily download any banned extension including '.rar' from any site(like Filefactory.com etc) but Rapidshare.com...
  5. ashu888ashu888

    .iso displayed as .rar (archieved)

    Guys, i hv an ISO file (in compressed rar format) which (in its original state) shud be displayed as a image file after extracting using winRAR 3.71, but sum how i do not knw wat, after i extract that RAR file, i DO NOT get an ISO image file (tat same blue colored file&cd icon tat we get...
  6. A

    .rar file corrupted

    I have some very important data in a .rar (compressed) file. But now when I try to open that file, it gives the message - The achieve is either in unknown format or damaged. My brother and me tried searched on google and download so many repair tools. But we found all of them totally useless...
  7. Plasma_Snake

    Password Crackers

    Are there any credible and effective Password Cracking software available? Password here are .rar file passwords.
  8. windchimes

    winrar doubts

    Hi all.. I just recieved a single file as multiple .rar files.when I extracted them to a single folder to retrieve it each I recieved it shows a series of .r"xx" files xx are numbers like .r00, .r01 etc in sequence. What are these and How can I get my original file back..?? ( When I...
  9. M

    n95 8gigs prob

    i hv a n95 8 gigs guys the device is workin with excellence...thre is only one problem im facing .zip,.sis,.jar,.sisx, .pdf, and office files and some othr formats which are recognised by the device, thse all gets download wenevr i find a link to download any file in thse formats on the...
  10. Dark Star

    .rar problem....

    Hi all I downlaoded a .rar archive now I know that default packager did not support it so I downloaded and installed 7ZIP now I don't know where its icon is also I do not know the code ... so that I can put it while opening Open with option.. Plz tell me commannds and also tell me hot to get...

    how to convert .rar files into .exe

    i downloaded some softwares from the net...... which came in .rar format..... now the problem is that i got no idea how to convert it into .exe :confused: file so that i can install and run the software ........ please help me :arrow:
  12. S

    how to extract a partially downloaded .rar file

    can any 1 plz tell me how to extract a partially downloaded .rar file.
  13. S

    .rar File....

    Can some one tell me...how to play a .rar file in the system.. (PC) not able to search software tooo.... please saran
  14. zegulas

    How to join .0xx files?

    I have downloaded a movie, which was available in parts of files with the extension .rar When I extracted the files from .rar files, some other files with extension .oo1, .oo2, ....., .o38 were extracted. Now they look like they are notepad files, but their extension is .oxx How do I join...
  15. A

    Where to run .rar files???

    I hve template file with extantion .rar... where can i run this file????
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