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  1. rickenjus

    Network which claims to be the fastest in India actually ranks 147th globally by download speeds

    Bharti Airtel the largest operator by subscriber base in India has been in the news lately due to its boastful advertising of being the operator with the fastest network in India. Airtel has put up an open challenge where it offers to pay the lifetime bills of anyone who demonstrates a network...
  2. vaibhav23

    Ways to increase my mental ability

    I am going to class 10 and I am finding that in all the competitive exams which I am giving I am getting good ranks for Maths and science. But my ranks goes down in the FTRE exams conducted by FIITJEE just due to getting bad marks in the IQ paper. A teacher told me that I can better it by...
  3. soumo27

    AIEEE RESULTS. 5th June. 1 PM

    CBSE Exam Results 2011 Well I do not have much hope from it. Let's see what happens. Everyone post your ranks. :P Source:- IndiaWire - Connects People |
  4. A

    JEE 2011 Results

    Best of Luck to all for JEE 2011 Results, which will be anounced tomorrow, 25th May. Also post your ranks here.
  5. GeekyBoy

    Post your VITEEE Ranks

    Post your VITEEE Ranks. Mine is 3776.
  6. M

    AIEEE 2009 Estimated Ranks

    AIEEE 2009 Estimated Ranks http://sriraj.org/career/aieee-2009-estimated-ranks/ http://sriraj.org/career/aieee-2009-solutions-college-cut-off-rank-article306/ Found these links on Web. Hope these will be useful :)
  7. jxcess3891

    India ranks 115th in net connection speed

    What's your take on that? http://business.rediff.com/report/2009/apr/01/india-ranks-115th-in-net-connection-speed.htm
  8. anandk

    Google Updates Page Ranks.

    Google is actively in the process of updating Page Ranks. A lot of popular sites have lost PR: www.engadget.com - from 7 to 5 www.autoblog.com - from 6 to 4 www.problogger.net - from 6 to 4 www.copyblogger.com - from 6 to 4 www.searchenginejournal.com - from 7 to 4...
  9. S

    how to get up in google

    if we just leave theory how can a web master get the website in upper ranks in the google search? any suggestion,tips and tricks? idea? how do they actually work?
  10. KoRn

    ranks in digit

    hey guys i jus felt like asking dis question in the forums we all know we get ranks like resident techie,warmed up nerd and stuff .so how does dis thing work(im a warmed up nerd rite now but how do i get to a higher rank like moderator and all(i know i got high hopes but u should aim high in...
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