1. flyingcow

    AMD FX 6300 BE available at MDComputers

    Hey guys I think finally 6300 BE is available in India, I'm not so sure but it is available in MDcomputers for 7.6k. AMD PROCESSOR FX 6300 BLACK EDITION I am quoting the price at May 21, 1:08AM during which discount is available. :)
  2. R

    From where to buy Pantech Burst in USA

    I am looking to buy Pantech Burst in USA. Last week it was quoting @ $104 on ebay but today that entry is not found & the rate currently quoting is $129. Pls tell any other site from where I can get it online in USA & if anyone can help me in getting any discount coupons for the same as I am...
  3. eggman

    Certified Human

    Hi I just bought a Galaxy S3 less than 24 hours ago. Some low quality pics from my webcam : Price : Rs. 37050 Location : Univercell, CMH Road, Bangalore I went to ask for the piece on Friday and they were quoting 39000. Sangeetha was quoting 39990 with bunch of accessories and goodies...
  4. webgenius

    Samsung Galaxy S2 for 22 to 24k INR. Worth the deal?

    Hello guys, I just enquired with an electronic shop here and they are quoting the price of S2 at 24k (after conversion to INR). I believe, he might reduce by another 2k after bargain. Is a S2 at 22 to 24k a good deal? He is quoting iPhone4 at the same price. It is a GSM unlocked...
  5. MegaMind

    The Corsair SP2500!

    Guys, i'm planning on getting the SP2500 soon.. Any idea abt the availability in chennai? SMC is quoting 14.5K, shipping adds a 1K odd...
  6. T

    Price & Suggestion for Android

    Is HTC wildfire S available for 12k ?. Does it have issue relating to battery ? and also is it's after sales support good enough ? Letsbuy , ebay & other retail sites are quoting it at 14K. PS : I didn't like the UI of LG 01 at all :( Budget : till 15 K max
  7. D

    pls Review the price quotes i got for my i5 2500k build

    Hey everybody, yesterday i visited the 'nehru place/lamington road equivalent' area of hyderabad called ctc. I got some quotes for my upcoming i5 2500k build. I was positively surprised:shock: to find that the prices quoted were much lower than what i read on this forum and online stores...
  8. N

    N95 8GB Price Drop

    The upcoming launch of the N96 seems to have done its trick. TheMobileStore website is now quoting the Nokia N95 8GB for Rs.24899 only !! The N95 classic is Rs.19159
  9. D

    Cost of this old PC

    What would be the cost of these config Celeron 1.7 Ghz 128 ram samsung syncmaster 753s lg cd writer keyboard creative MM14 40 GB hardisk he is quoting a price of Rs 10000 please tell me at what price can i buy it
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