Cost of this old PC

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What would be the cost of these config

Celeron 1.7 Ghz
128 ram
samsung syncmaster 753s
lg cd writer
creative MM14
40 GB hardisk

he is quoting a price of Rs 10000

please tell me at what price can i buy it



Too high.
If you leave the monitor then i think 3-4k is good for the config.
My advice: Dont buy that PC when you can get a good one for 15k


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Till last month, I was willing to sell my PC for 10,000-12,000 but changed my mind now. My PC config is :
P4 2.4GHz
Intel D845GVSR
512 MB Ram
250 GB HDD
LG Combo drive
LiteOn DVD Writer
LG 17'' Monitor
Intex Multimedia Keyboard and samsung optical mouse.
Quantum UPS
Intex 2600W Speakers

I hope you got an idea.


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^^ Same here except that i upgraded it to 1.5gb ram and a fx5200 after my dad told me that he wouldnt finance my dream rig for two more years.


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I sold ma old config:
Sempron 2600+
Asus A7V 400MX
512 DDR
80GB pata
cabby with 400w zebby
MSI GF4 MX 440 8x
whole for 3.5k. And i think that was a fair price.

Considering u can get a decent config excluding monitor nd speaker for sub 10k.


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^^ Pathik: Have the same mobo as yours. What's your RAM freq.? Does the mobo support DDR400?


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sorry i forgot about specifying mobo. Would that make a diff or your price includes that too

thanks for your reply my friends


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@Devrath_ND ..... did add 1 0 extra [mistakely] .......

1000rs only from my side ....

u can get a fully loaded p4 machine 4 8000rs .........

IMO, + some money & get a C2D [a new 1] ......
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