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  1. B

    Suggestion regarding upgrade from DDR2 to DDR3 RAM, and overclocking Q9550.

    Hello guys. I have a 3 year old PC, with following config: Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550@ 2.83GHz stock 2X2GB DDR2 Corsair XMS2 @800MHz ASUS p5Q Pro mobo Seagate 500GB 7200rpm HDD Palit Ge Force GTX 560 1GB Cooler Master Extreme Power Plus 600W Cooler Master Elite 310 cabinet. I am...
  2. doomgiver

    Help for my old rig

    I am assembling a PC using used cheap components, and these are the components I have managed to gather till now : Zotac GTX260 216 900MB GDDR3 Sonic edition Tagan StoneRock 600W big enough cabinet (approx height and length of NZXT Gamma, depth is about 1 inch lesser) Corsair 4 GB ddr3 RAM...
  3. Power_user_EX

    where can i buy new/old Q9550 ? Plz help guyz....

    hi , I wanna buy q9550 or q9550s but its stocked out... also according to price sheet its priced around 8.7 (source: chip). Wanna buy it but not available where ever i asked.... If any can give me contacts or wanna sell a used Q9550 - i m willing to buy it.....
  4. C

    Best PC Configuration

    I intend to buy PC within a budget of INR 75000. Please recommend a suitable configuration. Which processor is better? Intel® Core™2 Quad Processor Q9550 or Intel Core i7 920 Processor PS - I plan to use this PC for extreme gaming.
  5. P

    Best chipset for Core 2 Quad Q9550?

    I am going to buy hardware for my new pc and have some a question, what would be the best chipset for Core 2 Quad Q9550? Thanks, Pranav
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