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  1. I

    Durable IEM under 1k

    Hi, I am looking for durable ear phones for under 1k preferably 500 rs. (cheaper the better) for use with my Redmi Note 3G for music +audiobooks. I use ear phones very roughly and is not going to change ;) I have used many ranging from Chinese cheapos to sony MDREX220LP. And i have destroyed...
  2. B

    Buying a Laser Printer

    I have an old HP Laser Printer, HP 1020: http://www.flipkart.com/hp-laserjet-1020-plus-single-function-laser-printer/p/itmdfnyzrgyht9nf?pid=PRNDFNYNGYCMNN8Y&otracker=from-search&srno=t_1&query=hp+1020&ref=900a0453-07ca-4abe-a001-61541800b4af I bought it about five years ago for about Rs 7K. I...
  3. montsa007

    MTS Mblaze - Whats wrong with them today!?

    I recharged yesterday for 1298/- (Unlimited, FUP @ 15GB @ 3.1Mbps after which 144Kbps) I have been pulling my hair since yesterday, I feel like torture browsing on this ISP!? Anyone experience the same thing?
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