1. Flash

    Happy 69th Independence day

    Be Proud to be an Indian!
  2. P

    YaY proud Owner of a Curved iphone 6+!

    Yesterday,i kept my iphone in tight jeans entire day and today its BENT! Rather then shouting or going to court i decided to stay calm and find a solution so with peace i ask what to do?:razz:(my mind may explode :-?:evil::twisted::evil: if this iphone annoys me for more few hours) Btw it...
  3. Flash

    Happy 65th republic day!!

    Let's remember those heroes for a moment, who've fought and suffer for the future to prosper. Be proud to be an Indian (lets forget the govt. and its politics) and Happy republic day once again.. JAI HIND!!
  4. Desmond

    Is there any worth to National pride?

    I was watching this video of George Carlin : If you are low on bandwidth (or too lazy to watch the whole video), he says : We may say that we are "Proud to be an Indian", but exactly are we proud of? IMHO, its just a catch phrase that...
  5. M

    Happy Independence Day to All

    Happy Independence Day to All - Proud to be India
  6. rhitwick

    What does this site do?

    Hi guys, Found a site:- Can u tell me what does the site do? /offtopic According to the site, mrintech should be proud of himself:)
  7. infra_red_dude

    India wins T20 match against Aussies!!

    Great going India. We are proud of the young indian team!! :)
  8. azzu

    Doctor Gadget !!!

    I believe digitians are not common people so.... TELL ME which is the GADGET,HARDWARE,MOBILE,COMP,CAR,BIKE,.....ANYTHING U THINK UR PROUD OF bump
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