1. P

    projector for watching movies at home

    i wish to buy a projector to watch movies at home. which one wud b better in performance .n where do i get it from.can i buy one from lamington there ny projector which is wifi n bluetooth enabled
  2. M

    Need Advice For Projector

    Respected Admin and Friends I'm a high school teacher. i want to buy a Projector for my school's class work as well for home entertainment. some days in the past i have read a advert. in news paper about some Epson 3d projector but i can't remember its model no. at this time. if you know please...
  3. R

    Asus s1 led projector review

    Introduction Who doesn't like large screens? They are great for movies, games and at times even productivity. Projectors are nothing new, they have been around for decades, but were mostly limited to auditoriums and offices. One of the main reasons they did not go mainstream till recently is...
  4. TechnoBOY

    Lenovo's projector phone beams a touchscreen onto any surface

    Smartphones with built-in projectors -- well, just the two from Samsung, really -- haven't exactly been a huge hit so far, but Lenovo thinks it's finally got the right use case for this combination: beaming a touchscreen or virtual keyboard onto your desk. Announced at the Lenovo Tech World...
  5. C

    Projector is better???? Vox VP01 LED Projector

    Hi I own a benq 2420HD monitor... But now i feel the need of a bigger screen for movies esp when i look at my 40inch tv in my main room. so i was considerin buying a bigger monitor.. but max u can get under a budget is 27inch.. i want bigger size Projectors are a bit costlier. but...
  6. A

    looking to buy a projector

    First of all, I am not sure if this is the right forum category for this question. I would like to buy a LED projector within Rs.10,000 which can connect to my VGA PC so that I can project movies on my wall. There are few products on the internet for the same like 1. LED Entertainment cum...
  7. S

    Projector Advice Thread !

    I have to buy a Projector for gaming and movie purposes. Money No Bar For Me ! Can Spare upto 1 Lakh for the good projector , I have considered Asus B1M and Epson PowerLite 1761W priced $631 & $699 on except shipping and custom duty . Please guide , which one to buy , I...
  8. Abhishek Nama

    Config Help: Office Projector Room PC

    Hello Everyone! Good Day! I have been given the responsibility to research and assemble a multimedia oriented PC for the office projector room. 1. What is the purpose of the computer? What all applications and games are you going to run? (Stupid answers like 'gaming' or 'office work'...
  9. V

    Best Projector to buy under 20000

    Hi, we are going to buy a projector for small conference room (Capacity: 10 people). what are the things we need to consider when choosing a projector. please suggest best models under 20000.
  10. kanu2k7

    Need the best HD Projector for a partially lit room

    Hey Guys, I need your help regarding buying an HD projector. I need this to be installed at a local community place where there would be partially lights on, So need a bright projector. Price is not an issue but should not be too extravagant :-D. We just need to project 2D content from an HD...
  11. Chetan1991

    What's the best projector for ~20k

    Hey everyone. I'm looking for a projector that can illuminate a small area (10 audience or so. It won't be dark either.) and display clear and crisp picture as it will be displaying Flash Professional whose GUI has lots of tiny icons and other elements. So, what models are available within Rs...
  12. ashutosh_jain

    [Want to Buy] Minibeam projector

    do you know where i can buy this?? is it even released yet? *
  13. havoknation

    [HELP] Unique Client Requirement

    Hi All, Today I have received a call from one of my client which is actually an architect company. Please take a look at his requirement : --> : They will take 3 HD pics from 3 different cameras and pic would be covering 180 degrees area for eg they will take a panoramic image from left to...
  14. R

    connect sony vaio with usb keyboard to projector

    hi I've a sony vaio. It's keyboard not functioning well. so I disconnected it. Now I'm using a usb keyboard. I want to connect my laptop to a projector. The original key combination for connecting to projector in vaio was Fn+F7. I had used it successfully earlier. But there's no Fn key in my usb...
  15. J

    Any reviews on sony handcyam with projector?

    Hi guys, I am keen on buying this new Handycam frrm Sony that projector built inside the camcorder. I want to use this for my classes like showing some good off field videos to students. has anyone tried it as yet?
  16. manistar

    Need HDMI to HDMI&Audio Adapter

    Hi I am looking for HDMI to HDMI+Audio adapter for my projector. so concept is this. i connect my Laptop to Projector through HDMI port and my projector Epson Home Cinema 8350 doesnt have Audio out/speakers. So i need a adapter which has HDMI input and HDMI output + Audit output which...
  17. S

    Want to buy a decent projector

    Hi, Can you please recommend a decent projector to view movies at home? Is a pico projector better? A LED projector would be usable for longer? Budget is max 35000/- Thank you
  18. A

    Suggestions for a Projector for around 50k.

    Hi guys i wanna buy a projector for around 50k, it'll mostly be used for presentation purposes, and for the occasional video, so text readability is important.. any suggestions please..
  19. K

    OHP ( over head Projector )

    Hi, I want to buy an OHP( over head projector) within a range of 1000-1500. If anybody want to sell please let me know
  20. K

    overhead projector

    I want to purchase a overhead projector, within a price range of Rs 1200 Anybody have it please let me know, it should be in working condition I am from Mangalore Karnataka
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