1. B

    MoBo + Procy + RAM + GFX + PSU = 25-30k

    Hey Guys, Need to upgrade a machine for a friend, looking for a MoBo, Procy, RAM, GFX Card, PSU and a Cabinet. I am open to AMD/Intel configs. Usage is regular browsing, HD Movies, able to play latest games with atleast mid settings, sometimes applications like AutoCAD. Looking to build...
  2. B

    MoBo + Procy + RAM ( GFX optional )

    Hello All, I am looking out for a combination MoBo + Procy + RAM (GFX to be added later but if you can provide me the exact ones it will be helpful to make the choice of other parts), this is for one of my cousins and his budget is somewhere around 15k. It is an upgrade and the rest of the...
  3. R

    MB Suggestion for Pentium D 805 (2.66Mhz) CPU

    Hi All, I am currently having the below procy and ram Intel Pentium 805 sl8zh 2.66ghz/2m/533/05a Ram 1 GB DDR2 400 1 GB DDR2 533 Where it was working fine with ECS P4M800Pro-M Board. Suddenly the mobo is not working. it is not booting anything(BIOS). When i switch on the PC the...
  4. V

    [Want to Buy] need a procy for my mobo..

    guys i need a compatible procy for the mobo gigabyte ga790ma-ud4h in the range of 2k-3k... let me knw if anyone is willing to upgrade his pc we can hv a deal... thanks
  5. B

    The donkey rig...,

    hello guys, i want to setup a donkey rig - not in dumb sense, more like a hard working one. I do not want a high end pc, a medium range that could work of hours without dying soon due extreme temperatures etc, it should solve the following purposes: 1)downloading data for hours at a stretch...
  6. T

    mobo for X6 1055T???

    pals... already got msi 460tgx 1gb ddr5 cooler master elete 460w seagate 500 gb needed 2 buy a procy and mobo...... procy decided, x6 1055T now needed 2 decide mobo...??? i have thought of GA-880GM/USB3 mobo... - 4600 rs. as i charge my iphone and ipod usually through comp...
  7. guru_urug

    AMD Athlon II X4 630 high prime95 temp

    I have a amd athlon II x4 630 procy (stock) wid msi 785gm e51 mobo. I ran prime95 test (blend) and checked the my surprise the temp reached 67 deg celsius!! I read the max thermal envelope for this procy is 71... is there something wrong with my setup? idle temp is around...
  8. A

    Odd problem : Need Help

    Hi everyone, I'm new to this board, mostly to seek some help on a problem I'm having since long. I'm having a problem since 4 months, which is decreasing the performance of my gfx card, but can't be able to find out what's causing it. Here's my pc's config: AMD X2 6000+ XFX 8200 mobo 4 GB...
  9. coolguy12374

    Help me choose the right Processor!

    Friens, yesterday my procy AMD X2 5200+ got kapput so am planning to buy the cheapest AMD Athtlon X2 240.My main purpose is for internet,watching hd movies and office documents.Wil dis procy be enough for handling the said purposes.My configuration : M.B - Asus M4A78-E, 2GB DDR2 800, 250 GB...
  10. rhitwick

    ****URGENT****Need MOBO, PROCY N RAM suggestion

    Guys, need MOBO, Procy and RAM suggestion within today. Budget=9k Intel preferred. Please jump in. Thanx. Bump, Guys....plz.........I need it urgent.
  11. P

    need your sugesstion

    i have a budget of exactly Rs.20,000 and i want to buy the following (for gaming ) please help me motherboard, processor, RAM and graphic card thanks ---------------------------------- PS. what if i use a HD 4850 card and buy procy, mobo and ram with Rs.11000. will it be a bottleneck?
  12. B

    IS nvidia 630i MOBO ANY GOOD?

    So whats about nvidia 630i mobo Does it stand in performance/quality or over price how many Procy is compatible for it? Help going for an upgrade bye bilal:)
  13. diffuser911

    Need a budget procy + mobo combo

    Hey Felllas, I got myself a new Samsung 19" 920NW LCD. I am looking for building a system around the same now. Being on a tight budget, I have come up with the following essential components: 1. 80 GB HDD (already have from old system) 2. Logitech std KB + Mouse - 700 3. Any-brand DVD writer...
  14. U

    Suggestions for Upgrade

    Hello fellas... I am going to upgrade my PC. I am thinking of getting the CoolerMaster 600 SMPS and Cooler Master RC330 Elite cabinet. Will this be enuff to provide a stable system for a 500 gb hdd, DVD drive, 2-3 HDD, and 8600GT in SLi?? Also please suggest a good mobo+procy combination...
  15. anish_sha

    Guidance Needed : Procy and Mobo

    Hi guys. . . I know this is a very common subject, but still when i'm going to a take a new rig , i can't stop myself asking you guys, i don't 've much knowledge about latest procy and mobo in market.. Here's my applications which on i work 1. VIDEO ENCODING 2.VIDEO EDITING 3. 3D CADD (SOLID...
  16. H

    need a new procy

    i need a new procy and i had ordered 4 a E8400 but didnt get it 2night,vendor said he'll be able to get it earliest by Friday present he has ready stock of E2160 & E4500. my pc will be mainly used or gaming with a HP vp15s (15" LCD) with bits of photohopping,dvd ripping and video...
  17. N

    help in buying new PC

    i wantto purchase a new PC Intel Procy Intel original Mobo 2Gb Ram TV tuner card 250Gb HDD 5.1 Sound System i have a budget of 25000 Rs. please suggest me what make to go for (especially for procy and Mobo)and what are there price in Lamington road mumbai.
  18. xbonez

    Buying AMD 939 pin Procy

    fellow geeks, which AMD procy will fit in within my budget of rs. 4000 approx. It must be 939 pin. Also how much should i expect for my 1.5 yr old AMD Athlon 64 3200+ ??
  19. J

    Help in Buying the Procy Mobo combo!

    Allright this has been buggin for long..I have a limited budget! i wanted to know whether is it betta goin for E4300 with p5bdlx(clocking)..Can stretch to 6320..but advised not much diff with 6320 n 4300 or Athlon 64 X2 4400+ with M2N-SLI Dlx dont mind a high end board with a low proccy ..can...
  20. S

    which mobo to go for

    which one is better the asus p5V vm or the msi p965 neo 2.What would be the price of these mobos...can they be overclocked.... or suggest a mobo for core 2 duo procy which is under 7K and can support overclocking
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