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  1. S

    Sparkle 8400 GS

    1. *Model number and details: Sparkle 8400 GS 512 MB 2. *Date of purchase: Don't Know ( got it from my bro!) 3. Reason for sale: Upgrade 4. Warranty details: No 5. *Expected Price: Rs. 1200/- (Shipped) 6. *Location of Seller: Sambalpur, Odisha 7. Product Condition : perfectly Working 8...
  2. Neo

    Best novels to read.

    I want to know about some good novels which you have read. Preffered genre : Science,Fiction, fantasy,love.
  3. P

    suggestions warranted!

    i have a budget of around 20k for the following components proccy mobo ram smps cabinet hdd it'll be used along with th onboard gfx and dd3 based config preffered. thanks.
  4. A

    Gr.Card- 7600GS for 1500/-

    Hi I am planning to sell my BIG 7600GS -256MB PCI-E. 100% working condition along with box and CD's. Can still play even Farcry 2 with 30FPS. Reason for selling: Bought a new Palit HD 4670. Bangalore guys preffered r other wise i have to ship. Contact me @ 9886767571 only if intrested...
  5. T

    Linux Friendly Companies?

    Well ATi and nVidia already there with Linux drivers for their gfx cards but what about rest? Motherboard Mfgers? Chipset makers and all. Most of the incompatible stuff is linked with "onboard" :-x So next time if a guy wants to go for a Linux friendly upgrade which Companies hardware to...
  6. abhinandh

    help me get a printer

    please suggest me a printer for occassional photo and about 5 documents a week. hp is preffered. gonna buy one in an hour.
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