1. seamon


    Azom is back guys with their new range of Clevo laptops in India. Well 1 to be precise. Do you think they are legit? They even have their address posted. AZOM SYSTEMS
  2. R

    Learning Overclocking 8400GS

    I am using 8400GS on my PC which has AMD Quad 635 with Gig 785G mobo which has been overclocked to 3.3 ghz stable and is used in normal operation. As I am using 8400GS, I thought to give it a try to learn overclocking the G.Card. I used Precise and the result is given in below screenshot...
  3. RCuber

    Precise Cut Metal Sheet

    I was wondering how to cut a thin piece of metal sheet. I have yet to source the sheets, I am looking for thinknes of less than 0.5 mm. should I try some of the custom sticker shops ?? my requirement is a very precise cuts. some tiny text ( 5-10mm ) and cliparts (~20-30mm). I can cut using a...
  4. A

    Cell phone location tracking in india

    i am trying to find out if a cellphone calls my service number, is it possible for me to get the location of the caller. would i have to go the service providers or is there some other way. i need the location to be as precise as possible and as real time as possible
  5. ankushkool

    Suggest a gud mouse

    I have a standard logitech mouse, but i want somethin better. I want it for graphic designing n casual gaming. How is iball precise for rs.550? My budget is rs.1000 max Is logitech mx518 worth rs.1350
  6. mail2and

    Mouse: Laser or Optical(cordless)?

    Hey guys. I've been using this basic Logitech Optical Mouse for an eternity. It's starting to age and the pointer goes haywire every now and then(only at the 'smooth' parts of my table). I've tried another mouse(bad scroll wheel) and it works perfectly on my desk. So, it's the mouse, indeed...
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