1. nikufellow

    Need suggestions on What to do after B. Tech

    Am From kerala and hopefully will be completing my UG in electrical and electronics by mid 2014 i need some suggestions on what to do next. People here usually tend to go for either M. Tech or MBA and if those are my best bets I've already done enough research and will be opting for M. Tech but...
  2. arpanmukherjee1

    NUnit Testing -- What, Why and When

    I have read tons of articles about Unit testing, its advantages and how to proceed Also why and how TDD and BDD is used in conclusion it all feels like reading another chapter in the book with no significance. are there any examples i can follow or code to expose the true potential of...
  3. CommanderShawnzer

    xbox 360 S vs Gaming PC

    pls tell me i'm planning on getting a xbox 360 4gb with the 320gb harddrive which comes to rs 23000. should i buy this or a gaming pc?? dont post that xbox has the RROD prob as pc's have their own infamous BSOD problem and the virus/malware problems and i'm looking for the GAMING potential and...
  4. vickybat

    ASUS Radeon 6970 DirectCU II

    That's right. 6970 now gets the direct cu II treatment from asus. With a triple slot cooler and excellent vrm design, this custom 6970 has the potential to outperform the reference card by a big margin. Does it do it? Read here to know more.
  5. Who

    Sony Lost Over $3 Billion To PS3 Cost

    Pricing the PlayStation 3 below its production cost caused Sony to lose $2.16 billion in 2007 and $1.16 billion in 2008 the company revealed today. Sony's fiscal 2008 annual report delineated potential... More
  6. akshaykapoor_3

    ~~!! Suggestions !!~~

    I recently bought a C2Q Q6600 PC with d following config:- Intel DG33FB 2*1GB Dynet 667Mhz RAM Viewsonic VG1921wm widescreen WD 250GB For now i just dont feel that i'm using this PC to its full potential.. Entertainment is a diffrnt thing bt still i need ur suggestions to have...
  7. H

    New technologies making human body cells degeneration, who cares?

    New products means that health interest is low compared to the potential market. Afterwards, we make investigation on human body, and consequences. ??
  8. H

    FIRECELL---What Do U Know About It??

    This word has gone way too familiar with people around the globe after the release of the flick DIE HARD 4.0 ,though this stuph is nothing new, iot has been previously shown to the people through miovies like THE NET. But any kind of searching or browsing through any search engines do not show...
  9. champ_rock

    Site not being indexed by google

    hi i have a site www.t15.us .. i am trying to ad this site to google indexes.. i have already submitted the site and have verified my site at *www.google.com/webmasters/ this also by inserting an html code that they give.. but still when i go to see my site status then it says...
  10. hemant_mathur

    Microsoft is not trying to block access says Kaspersky

    PARIS (Reuters) - Microsoft's new operating system Vista will not make it more difficult for anti-virus systems to work, Russian computer security group and potential IPO candidate Kaspersky Lab said on Friday, contradicting rivals. Read full report here ...
  11. rohan

    GeForce 6600 not performing to potential...

    I have a GeForce 6600 256 mb card, along with 1 MB DDR2 RAM and an intel pentium 4 3.06 GHz machine. Lately I've been seeing that my system hasn't been performing to it's fullest potential. I can't play games at High quality settings (ultra high is unthinkable). My 3D MARK 06 scores were 600...
  12. arunks


    Edited Batty: Link removed for potential illegal content.
  13. B

    need resource to learn essentials for potential home buyer

    Please suggest some web resource from where I can learn the basics that a potential home buyer should know eg what and why is the registration charge, what is khata etc. It should be relevant to India. Thanks in advance.
  14. S

    recommend some games to check the potential of 6600gt

    i am buying 6600gt tomorrow. (monday) and want to buy some games to check its real potential please post some games please post fast
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