1. D

    What to See While Talking ????

    I am very shy and I feel uncomfortable talking to the person seeing his face. But when i try to do so i get confused whether to see the eyes or mouth. I keep switching from the two positions and finally get irritated and resort to bend head. What should i be seeing while talking a to a person.
  2. Baker

    anybody played "operation flash point cold war crisis"

    Hi guys me just started playing the OFP coldwar crisis ...., but unlike other combat games am facing so much difficulties for killing enemies , most of the time am not able to locate the enemy positions , can any body suggest me the exact way to play this game ...? bcz i thing my approach...
  3. Gigacore

    Sony Ericsson to Cut 2000 Jobs; 450 in North Carolina

  4. ramsingh

    new 120mm fan..where 2 add??

    got a new 120mm fan .. now i have *ir*le 814 *abinet..thee is a 80 mm fan at front end and one at end(120 mm).. now i am thinking of repla*ing the 80mm fan with this 120mm fan.. is it advisable?? if not where 2 *onne*t fan.. i dont * any other fan atta*hing positions in *abinet..
  5. JBP

    How to lock desktop?

    How to lock the entities of the desktop, such that it should not allow to create any new shortcuts/files and should not allow the existing file positions on desktop? Can anyone help in this regard....
  6. hailgautam

    :: The Formula 1 - 2007 Season Thread ::

    :: The Formula 1 Thread :: This is the Formula 1 - 2007 Discussion Thread. The Race Timetable is as follows: ING Australian Grand Prix Melbourne 16 - 18 Mar Petronas Malaysian Grand Prix Kuala Lumpur 06 - 08 Apr Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix Bahrain 13 - 15 Apr Gran Premio de España...
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