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  1. tarey_g

    Ubuntu now more popular than Mac OS X!

    Interesting google trendz source : http://thelinuxadvocate.blogspot.com/ well its just google trendz not really the benchmark of popularity , btw if u put just 'mac' instead of 'mac os' in trendz, its a different story.
  2. anandk

    popular MySpace.com - a hotbed of spyware - take care !

    Spyware's threat is getting nastier. Infection rates are on the rise, in part thanks to the surging popularity of social networking sites like MySpace.com. ..."We're finding that the social-networking sites like MySpace are turning out to be hotbeds for spyware,..."...
  3. S

    Why has ubuntu gained so much popularity?

    Why has Ubuntu gained so much popularity within a short period of time? Does it really have a very, very, user-frdly interface, and does it really possess a wide-range of applications?
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