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  1. Allu Azad

    6-ft cobra pops out of toilet

    Family’s horror as 6-ft cobra pops out of toilet - Mumbai Mirror
  2. speedyguy

    [Help] Xperia Ray : Data Usage window keeps popping up

    Just bought a new Xperia Ray (Sony) mobile phone. After three days, the message stating "Usage made 0.00 MB, you have ....mb left " keeps popping up everytime, infact every 10-15 seconds, and keeps repeating some number of times. It will go away and again come back after half an hour/1hr and...
  3. Disc_Junkie

    LOCKING-POPPING fans jump here...........

    Check this out, it is really a mindblowing locking-popping dance and you will like it very much. www.youtube.com/watch?v=oblRnGLLMyk 8-) If you can, post some more videos of locking and popping here.8-)
  4. R

    Flu Burung Notepad Error

    Think got effected by a virus.Whenever i m turnin on my PC a notepad named "FLU BURUNG" is popping up.Plz some1 help me with some remedies.
  5. R

    Windows Media Player Keeps Popping Up

    Well, I was having this problem for a loong time.. WMP used to keep popping up. That time i just re installed windows. (a fresh Install) But, The Problem Didnt Go! Im on a Win XP SP2 And - Kaspersky shows that i dont have any kind of a threat on mah PC It was like.. the moment i installed...
  6. R

    Automatic restart problem

    I have a IBM X series server running Windows 2000 server.Whenever I am trying to shut down the machine the shut down optional manu is popping up as usual but before i can do anything the machine is getting automatically restarted.Help.
  7. arnab2kool

    Why my right click keeps popping out?

    Why my right click keeps popping out? Its a ******* problem I havent seen before. If I am using any program its right click keeps popping out. For example if I am using FireFox and I am writing something in a Text Area of a form its right click menu pops out, if I press Esc and make it go, it...
  8. blueshift

    Photoshop:Out of Bounds-Pop out images

    Want to create such effect? These are called Out of Bound effect. It makes your picture pop out. Doesn't that look wonderful? The basic idea is to delete the objects background to make it look like popping out. http://www.worth1000.com/tutorial.asp?sid=161043...
  9. linardni

    System Registry Locked

    I cannot enter the system registry of my PC running Win XP. Message popping up that it's locked by the administrator. What to do?
  10. K

    INTELRECO.EXE trojan prob

    hi guys, well after formating i installed AVG AV for kicks.i was using AVAST.I was just surfing when out of blues this damn thing started giving probs.AVG picked it up and i deleted it.but again when i boot,after sometime it again comes back again.I del it again.why the hell it keeps popping...
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