1. mithun_mrg

    [For Sale] I POD Touch 6th Genration

    I Pod touch 6th Generation 16GB Gold Mint condition 2015 Purchased from Ebay Screen guard applied Includes all the accesories it came with Original Box, Headset, Data Cable, Manuals & stickers also will include a charging & audio dock for free Price 10,500 shipped final price Shipping charges...
  2. GhorMaanas

    [ALF] Roccat Kave 5.1Ch. Headset : A First-person Perspective Feedback [ALF]

    Hello everyone ! This is the first time am writing a little detailed feedback on anything. hope you like it. and please dont hesitate in pointing out any shortcomings you find in it, so that i could take care of those things for my future write-ups. Thanks to : Sukant MegaMind Special Thanks...
  3. B

    Apple I pod touch battery cost?

    Can anyone tell me how much will it cost to replace battery of 2nd gen of I pod touch?
  4. A

    Sansa Clip or Shuffle

    Hi, I am planning to buy a new MP3 player.2 choices are there for me 1) Sandisk Sansa Clip-2 Gb 2) I pod shuffle-2 GB Out of these which is better? I have a GRADO SR60 Headphone
  5. sandeepthapa31

    i pod vedio 80 GB........bought

    Guys, Two days back I got this sauce ipod. Can any boday tell me as where do I get the convertor software, which cam turn the existing music on my hard drive to i music. Coz I am not able to upload the music on my pod. Also, could any body tell me, is there any issues regarding servicing...
  6. ssdivisiongermany1933

    Apple I pod or Creative Zen vision W

    Which should I consider purchasing ,Apple I pod 30 GB or Creative Zen vision W 30 GB, which has better features and portability ?
  7. D

    help me : i pod trouble

    my i pod does not detect in my windows xp when i connect it to the pc. what should i do . i do not get a drive removable drive. please help me
  8. iMav

    ipod docking station (i-station 9)

    Got an i-pod docking station for my 30 gig pod ... i bought the logic 3 i-station9 .... cost 5100/- w/o bill .... its really amazing .... Features: 1. awesome sound (very good for 1 room .... thats what its meant for) 2. FM (with 6 presets) 3. remote control 4. large lcd display 5. time and...
  9. T

    is there an apple i pod distributor there in kolkata??

    is there an apple i pod distributor there in kolkata?? if yes where???
  10. W

    ALTEC LANSING VS 3151R - Review

    ALTEC LANSING VS 3151R Got this last week for Rs 5900 and here goes my review :). Hope u like it. Inside the Box - User's manual - Control pod - Sub woofer - Centre speaker - Front left speaker - Front right speaker - Rear left speaker - Rear right speaker - Wireless...
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