1. patkim

    Tata Photon Plus - Too slow.

    I have Tata Photon Plus that I use occasionally in Mumbai / Pune area. It has taken me back to old days of 56kbps modem (even worst). Lot of times all I see is ‘Waiting for’ or ‘Resolving host’ etc in browser status bar!! Suddenly one fine moment they load (full or incomplete) and again back to...
  2. N

    MTS Ultra WiFi vs Photon Max WiFi

    What I know : 1) MTS quite faster than Photon in Delhi but both don't provide the promised speed 2) MTS prepaid better than MTS postpaid as people claim of receiving huge bills but prepaid costs approx. 2500 rupees with 10 GB recharge already...
  3. A

    selling photon plus

    hi guys i want to sell my photon plus it is registered with my id proof and address what should be the precautions taken by me please advice thanks in advance
  4. T

    i want to share my tata photon through wifi

    hi, i want to router my tata photon plus net through wifi router, i did a search on google, but available router only support 3g modem, is there any router available in market which can support tata photon plus, price range not more than 1500
  5. funkysourav

    Alternative to BSA Photon EX bicycle in about 4-5k

    I am riding a BA Photon EX Bicycle for the last four years, Its a great Hybrid/Urban bicycle which picks up speeds without much effort. Now after 4 years of use, the bike is showing signs of wear and tear as I average around 10 Kms a day. Is there any alternative to BSA Photon within 4-5k...
  6. A

    How to connect Tata Photon Plus USB Data card on my Ubuntu 12.04

    Hi I'm new to Ubuntu, when I insert my Tata Photon Plus Data card, it doesn't connect to Internet. Also in Network Settings for Mobile Broadband it shows disconnected. How can I start my connection.
  7. C

    How to unlock tata photon

    hi guys. I have a tata photon plus, but cancelled the connection because the speed was very low (0.7-1 Mbps). Could something guide me as how i can unlock it. I stay at hyderabad, so if anyone knows a place where it can done, please let me know.
  8. patkim

    query on data card internet connection

    I already have a tata photon 2g data card internet connection. Now there’s a need to go for one more data card connection for another user in the family. While there are options like airtel, MTS apart from photon, is there any technical or networking related or any other advantage in going for...
  9. wwwescape

    Using 2 TATA Photon connections on the same machine...

    Hi, I have 2 TATA Photon connections. How can I connect both connections at the same time? I want to be able to combine both the connections to get better speeds. I've tried this with a TATA Photon and MTS MBlaze combination and it works. I just need help setting up the same for 2 TATA Photon...
  10. T

    data stick buying suggestion

    suggest me a good data stick which will work in rural network where no 3g network is available and even no guarantee of full strength 2g network. is this tata photon plus or reliance net connect broadband+ use satellite internet when there is no coverage of their network
  11. A

    Get Tata Photon without dongle?

    Hello. I want a Tata Photon plus prepay connection without their dongle, is that possible?
  12. doomgiver

    Using Wireless USB Internet Dongle with Steam??

    Hi all, I have a USB dongle, and I wish to play games on Steam. The problem is that, Steam does not recognize the connection, and quits with an error. (could not connect to steam network) Here is the dongle I use : dongle Tata Photon Plus | Tata Photon | 9266555545 | Photon Plus It comes...
  13. Hrishi

    future after silicon..

    I read in a blog that Quantum Computing breakthrough has been achieved at MIT(not the Manipal1 :p) and Harvard. Scientists were able to combine various laser beams/sources into one Individual photon They are speculating advancement into creation of Photon gates. IDK , how they are gonna...
  14. C

    Problem: Tata Photon Plus doesn't work with Win7 64bit

    I'm using Tata Photon Plus (Huawei EC1260) and it used to work perfectly with WinXP I switched to Win7 Professional recently and since then, it has stopped working. Has anyone faced this problem? Any ideas as to how to fix it. INFO: The computer detects it as only a "USB Mass Storage...
  15. evilmage93

    Use Net On android with tata Photon

    I have used a lot of devices to use net on a computer with the help of my mobile starting with infrared ( a long,long time ago), bluetooth, wifi, usb....but i was thinking is there a way i can use net on my mobile by using the net connection on my lappy. I have a tata photon + wireless...
  16. G

    Micromax Funbook pattern lock

    My Micro max Fun-book got pattern locked and now its asking me to lo-gin through Google account.Please let me know how do i connect to my Google account when the tablet at the very first place is not detecting my photon device.Please help me to unlock the device service centers in my area are...
  17. R

    How can i use WIFI from Tata photon + device

    Hello friends, I am using Photon + and want to connect my home with Wifi, can it be possible with routers? do they have USB port for connecting photon plus? please suggest one -- budget 2k - 3k Thanks
  18. R

    I need Tata Photon Plus Windows 7(64bit) EpiValley modem drivers

    I upgraded my laptop OS to Windows 7 Home Basic 64 bit version and my first disapointment was tata photon plus not working. My photon device has EpiValley modem whose drivers are not availbel on photon site. I googled but no luck. Does anyone know how to use tata photon plus on windows 7 64...
  19. N

    router config

    I have a Asus wl-330N3G wireless router. I do have a Tata Photon Plus Dongle Huwei 1251 which is not compatible with the Wireless router, so I have very less hopes of sharing my Broadband internet connection. But I should be able to share the internet connection in network sharing mode...
  20. Vyom

    Which Wireless Internet is best among Tata Photon, MTS, Vodafone etc...

    Today's we have many options, like Tata Photon, MTS, Vodaphone, Idea, etc etc.. So, which ISP provides the best wireless internet among them?
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