1. krish_techie

    Wedding Photography

    Okay so this might be off topic. But i can't find any other place to post it.Please feel free to divert this to any other relevant place.So we are looking for some wedding photographers for a wedding in August. So do you guys know any photographers in and around Hyderabad,Chennai or Bangalore...
  2. sujoyp

    Khajuraho photography tour

    Guys planning to join some group of photographers at Khajuraho as a photography tour. Anyone interested to come. we are 5 photographers comming there a 3 days tour. from 16 march to 18th march ...its a very budget tour...mainly monuments and landscape you can check this for more...
  3. techtronic

    SOFTWARE UPDATE : Adobe releases Lightroom 1.0

    Adobe has officially its RAW/JPEG editing and organizing application, Lightroom 1.0. The program is meant for professional photographers, like wedding or sports photographers, who have to manage and show thousands of RAW images. It has basic editing tools and extensive meta-data tagging and...
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