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  1. ratul

    What is a Phablet these days?

    So i was just thinking about the increasing phone sizes these days and was thinking that a few years back, any portable cellphone of >5" screen was considered to be a phablet, and that was the definition of a phablet, but seeing that almost all of the flagships these days are shattering this 5"...
  2. theserpent

    Nokia to announce a laptop?

    Nokia to announce a laptop on October 22? - Mobile Phone | News | ThinkDigit
  3. 101gamzer

    Sony is making its own phablet?

    Digi-wo has posted an image of what appears to be the front of a Sony device. More precisely, it just might be the working model of Sony’s own phablet, a 6.44-inch beast with 1080p resolution. Details on this device is scarce, but Sony might have something planned for the Mobile World...
  4. B

    Can someone help me?

    Hi, Can someone Help me to review NXG Xfab phablet. I want to buy it?
  5. E

    Waitaing for full HD phablet

    Hey guys as you know htc launched j butterfly,its full hd 1080p phablet for japan.i was going to buy note on my birthday but i read the news of launch of j butterfly.so my question to you guys is should i wait for full hd phablets or go for note ?if i have to wait then how much time will i have...
  6. A

    HTC unveils worlds first 1080p Smatphone J Butterfly, stunning 5inch Phablet rocks 443ppi

    HTC J Butterfly 5-Inch Android Phablet Rocks 1080p Display HTC J Butterfly 5-Inch Android Phablet Rocks 1080p Display - Mobile Magazine
  7. vinyasmusic

    Tablet under 6-7k and 10k ie 2 tablets

    Requirements for the two tablets : 1. Google Play support 2. Sim card slot 3. MircoSD slot 4. Good resolution for the 10k tablet ( 6-7k shud atleast have 800x480 ) 5. nice touch response will be appreciated :) 6. No Chinese ... Micromax and family is ok
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