1. skeletor

    Make Digit Great Again!!

    yea, the forum. I'm back. Permanently. So, what are the issues? I want to say sorry for locking 'the Off-topic thread', it did kill the forum afterall. :( I think we should reduce the number of sections. Large sections worked when we had traffic, now we don't. We have too many subforums.
  2. B

    Windows 10 violating privacy

    Hi Guys, I was reading on the internet that Windows 10 violates our privacy by this- Data syncing is by default enabled. Browsing history and open websites. Apps settings. WiFi hotspot names and passwords. Your device is by default tagged with a...
  3. ramakanta

    System Confuguration- Startup program

    In system configuration(start-up tab) , there are lot of program unchecked my me , which is not required at the windows start-up . but I want to permanently remove these start-up box . is it possible . any idea or suggestion to remove these options permanently ???
  4. velociraptor

    [Want to Buy] lumia 920 at&t

    hey fellas i want to buy a lumia 920 from us its available at $99 which will b locked .so is there any sure way to unlock it permanently .i heard from one of my friend that there are few shops in gaffar market which unlocks locked phones so please tell thanxx in advance
  5. V

    Is HD6990 still alive?

    Well. So I was jobless enough to search for 6990 and was surprised to see that it is better than 680 and ~ equal to 690. (Source: hwcompare) well, then I also looked it up in flipkart only to find that it has been "PERMANENTLY DISCONTINUED". If it's the third best card in the world, why has it...
  6. rhitwick

    PureTna and Emporium has been shut down permanently

    Well, u read it. For more, try this link
  7. IronCruz

    Audio lagging Video!!

    I have a movie. The problem is the audio comes first and then the corresponding action. Please tell me to correct it permanently.
  8. K

    Permanent deleting software?

    Hi Guys, If files, Internet History files, log files and almost all files that we are using are deleted, they can be recovered by using any recovery software. I need asoftware that should delete such files permanently, I mean, make them all unrecoverable. Which FREE AND GENUINE software you...
  9. toofan

    How many times get banned?

    Friend this thread is to know that that how many times you have been banned and if you can mention the reasons its always good? And If any one get permanently banned and appeared with new ID feel free to post. Name: I haven't been banned yet but my one friend toofan_nainital got permanently...
  10. chandru_skc

    System hangs on inserting DVD

    Guys i have a pentium D dual core pc with asus motherboard and running xp sp2... the problem is whenever i insert a dvd, my system hangs permanently with out any notice even task manager can not help me out... plz.. help me...
  11. M

    How can is disable or Permanently close my email id

    How can is disable or Permanently close my email id like Yahoomail, Rediffmail, Hotmail etc..
  12. tweety_bird_bunny

    adding srt subtitles to movie permanently !!

    i hav downloaded an hollywood movie in non-english language from a torrent site....with it i got the subtitles in english as .srt files.... i want that those subtitles should b embedded in the movie permanently somehow thru some software or re-encoding ,,whatever... currently i hav to select...
  13. forever


    my brother recently installed .net 2.0 and there's this process mscorsvw.exe that keeps running and even if i try to kill it , it starts again , i culdnt find what service to turn off or what to do , sometimes this exe takes 100% of the processor and just hangs it, isnt there any way i can turn...
  14. D

    How To Delete Gmail Account.........

    Hi can anybody tel me how to delete gmail account permanently thanks
  15. S

    how to change start button at desktop

    how to change start button text and color at desktop permanently
  16. U

    AZE Search Bar

    When I was on the net, from somewhere a search bar appeared in the IE6 named AZESEARCH, I think that it is somekind of viral program. I want to remove that search bar permanently. It also appears in the common windows like "My Computer" and "My Documents". I'm running Windows XP...
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