1. Faun

    Perfumes Discussion Generals - Scorching hot summer time !

    I don't have much experience but it's better to start with something and build on that. Lets make it a repository for all things specific to India. A good perfume usually includes 3 Notes Categorizing ingredients based on the season. Not necessarily hard and fast rule as lowest notes are...
  2. NucleusKore

    Deadly perfume

    Source: Thirty-four people went to hospital and dozens were treated for sickness after strong perfume was sprayed by a woman in a Texas bank. Two workers initially complained of having chest pains and headaches. The bank then announced...
  3. N


    One of ma friend birthday is coming me planning to buy a perfume for budget is 1500Rs. Iam planning to buy a strong men perfume...for which brand should i go for...Tell me a good brand i should buy..and which is easilly available in malls...
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