1. A

    Budget CCTV Setup for Outdoors (should be DIY)

    Hi, I want to install cctv in the parking on my building. With the recent event happened with my bike where almost all its wiring had been cut by some miscreant I cant depend upon the hopeless security provided by the society. Lower it costs the better. Max I can spend right now is 5k...
  2. hari1

    Help me in domain parking

    I have a website that I don't want to develop anymore. But I still have about a year before I have to renew my domain name. I registered my domain on speedhost. I was surfing on internet when I came to know about domain parking. One thing that I understood is that it is like giving your domain...
  3. L

    New Car parking technology, The Car parks itself even tight corners

    source : here If you have not yet heard of the new system , its really making parking a breeze, just press the button let the device sense the parking area, whether your car can fit in or not, then just press the park lever let go of the steering wheel give some gas and voila, its done
  4. Sparsh007

    Question abt Domain transfer

    hey guys i want to park a domain from servage to another host or domain parking service What is the cost? and Main also want to know about a free domain parking service
  5. midhunmon

    BugerKing and BestBuy area: HELP

    Where is the BugerKing and BestBuy area in "NFS Underground 2 " where u can find a parking lot with an opponent for an outrun race. I find a lot of smilar areas, but no parking lot. Can anyone knows it and post a screenshot of the area.
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