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  1. K

    Lumia 720 or Xperia L...

    Plz suggest me wid reasons wch 1 to choose,either Lumia 720 r Xperia L.... Both contains almost similar features(ofcourse O.S is diff) n i like both. Wch O.S is gud(ofcourse both :) ),Android r Windows,give reasons plz?
  2. rhitwick

    Howto resize partition?

    Hi, I've windows installed in my (C) drive and a separate drive (D) for Program files. C is of 7 GB and D is of 15 GB. I want to resize my C drive to 12 GB. How do I do it? O.S. currently in use WinXP with SP3.
  3. sk_thinking

    2 linux o.s on 1 pc.

    i like to knw hw can i keep more than 1 linux o.s means Windows+linux+linux on system, i have already installed suse& want to install ubuntu....
  4. saurabh kakkar

    which O.S should i use ?

    hi i am using windows xp for many years . Now i wana try my hand in linux area but i am very confused about the operating system that i should use like suse, red hat etc etc plz advice me which O.S should i go for also i want to have a dual boot option with windows xp so plz tell the...
  5. S

    free delivery of linux O.S. by post at home

    Hi friends, I always reqest Ubuntu linux CDs at my home by post at free of cost. Is there any linux O.S. website where i can register and reqest for CDs for free of cost by post instead of downloading it?
  6. rajasekharan

    windows O.S

    can someone please tell me which o.s is the best............? i dont want looks .... just the functionality in my oppinion the only strong competition is between win 200 and win xp i prefer win 2000 cause of its minimal size ...just 700 mb ...and does all the functions what do u guys...
  7. S

    One Final Competition: THE BEST O.S.

    Come on DIGIT members.. Its time to find out who deserves the crown for the BEST O.S. I have to the best of my knowledge provided all the O.S.s.. There are some less popular ones and if you use them, click on OTHERS. I read somewhere in the DIGIT forums that FreeBSD is a kind of UNIX. If...
  8. G


    guys which 1 do u think is the best O.S. please cast your vote & tell which 1 u like or don't like & why ? i need the survey for my project.please specify linux company by posting.if u choose linux
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