1. snap

    Random Discussion Thread

    DO not post queries/posts related to anything that has a dedicated section in TDF DO not post random pics/memes. Random pics should go Thread can be moved to the cavern section by mods...
  2. snap

    R.I.P The Offtopic thread

    Reasons for having/reopening offtopic thread: Rules of the offtopic thread which were broken so the thread got locked :(
  3. snap

    The Offtopic thread locked for a day!

    The Offtopic thread locked for a day! :shock:
  4. M

    Help to Find

    Apologize for this offtopic post: If anyone has a working installer of "No More Cookies", can you please upload it somewhere? OR Please provide the forum/thread link where I should post this? The original site seems to be dead, the cnet and other dl site versions are, as usual, malware-rigged...
  5. rhitwick

    Revive Offtopic thread

    Well, what I missed in thread title... PLEASE revive offtopic thread! Is it gone for good? It was closed b4 too but not this long...are you going to open it or we (I at least) create Offtopic pt2 thread.
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