1. Rahim

    Microsoft Starts A FUD Campaign Against kzdykNa2IBU ------------------------------------------------------------------- Some of the claims might be true. FYI : Oracle has been giving some trouble to Developers of and so a new fork LibreOffice has been developed.
  2. vineetrok

    ms office 2010

    I have windows XP sp3 and windows 7 installed (DUALBOOT).... I have ms office 2010 installed in windows xp SP3.... but i want to use it in windows 7 without installing again. I've been using mozilla firefox and Jcreator this way.... but when i open WINWORD.EXE from windows 7 it gives "not...
  3. T

    Backup of UPS

    Hi, Can anyone know backup timing for 2kb ups because in our office backup time for ups is only 2 hours .
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