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  1. Piyush

    Need your suggestions!!

    So the thing is, I was thinking of getting a R9 270X/ GTX 760 this March. But after talking to people about it, I realised that my CPU AMD Athlon II X4 640 will be the cause of bottleneck with any card powerful than 650TI/ 7850. So that means I have to get a new CPU too . Please note that I...
  2. anirbandd

    GPUZ Render Test

    how good is GPUZ's Render test [10-15mins run] in terms of instantly checking OCed GPU?? it does show artifacts when OCing is bad..
  3. MyGeekTips

    PSU For 6850 (OC) Crossfire Max Budget - 4K

    Hey friends, I'm going to buy a single 6850 instead of 6950 because next gen gpu is near if they didn't provide significant improvement then i will crossfire. So i need a futureproof PSU that can handle 6850 CF (OCed) with i5 2500K (above 4.5ghz). PSU In my Mind: Corsair...
  4. Tenida

    Intel Core 2 Duo E7300+MSI P45 NEO3FR MObby+Zion 2GB DDR2 RAM

    For Sale ! SOLD Processor+Motherboard Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: INTEL Core 2 Duo E7300 Time of Purchase: 24/12/2008 Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period: Yes | 7 Months Reason for Sale: Upgrading to Intel I7 2600K during Durga Puja...
  5. JojoTheDragon

    GPU making too much noise after OC

    I oc'ed my gpu a few days back. Now my cabby is making too much noise. I restored the clock settings to default but still the noise is there. And FAN also set to Auto. I oced my gpu from Core Clock: 875 mhz to 900mhz Memory Clock: 1200mhz to 1355mhz GPU Z Temp My rig HD5770...
  6. MegaMind

    XFX 8600GT 256mb XXX edition

    Hi Guys... I am selling my 8600gt 256mb, brand new with box(Replaced card so has 3yrs warranty, from 3rd march 2011) Product Code: PV-T84J-UDD3, Expected Price - Rs.3000 Performs close to 9600gt(since factory OCed) Reason for selling, upgrading to Msi gtx 560ti twin frozer ii/OC Location ...
  7. utkarsh009

    overclocked my components but need help.

    you all know my config. its in my signature. i oc'ed my proccy from 2.9 to 3.2 ghz. i have set fsb to 225mhz with a multiplier of 14.5x but i havent increased voltage. its 1.425 V (as easy tune 6 lists) i used bios setup for oc as et6 was giving me troubles. i dont have all those thermal paste...
  8. P

    should i overclock or not??

    i have a intel i945G/GZ MoBo with intel core 2 duo at 2.0 ghz. Integrated graphics of 82945g express chipset. Ram = 1024 Mb ddr2-sdram @333 Mhz (hyundai electronics) I know this is poor configuration but my question is whether i can overclock it or not? i have never OCed before but researched a...
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