1. Lord073

    Suggest some good Games

    Guys, suggest me some games similar to the one's I'm listing below (I've already played these): *Assasin's Creed I & II *Prince of Persia (All) *The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion *Dragon Age 2 (Demo) *Drakensang: The Dark Eye *The Black Mirror Thanks
  2. vamsi_krishna

    Oblivion Help

    I have started playing Oblivion this morning. The quest destinations are way too long to walk.. so, I am fast traveling to the locations. I know, I'm missing goodies in the middle, but it is too long to walk. I really want to go there by myself. But it is taking awful amount of time. So, how...
  3. quan chi

    Completed Oblivion atlast! my first RPG.

    Atlast finished this giant game still some side quests are left.:-x and some areas unexplored. I always had some kind of dislike towards this genre.But two games successfully forced me to change my likings. I still don't prefer rpgs much but if its something similar to oblivion and...
  4. abhi_10_20

    Suggest a game like Elder Scrolls 4 - Oblivion

    I wanna be back to gaming now.. it's been 2 or 3 years... Please suggest any recent good games like Oblivion...
  5. prateekdwivedi1

    Best oblivion mods

    Hey guys can anyone among you give me a list of all the best oblivion mods??
  6. entrana

    HELP OBLIVION hdr+aa

    hey guys as u know im running on a 8800gts 1st prob is that oblivion cant detect my hardware, beats me why. and so i cant run hdr + aa. any ideas
  7. faraaz

    ATi 2600 vs. nVidia 8600

    I'm considering buying a new laptop, and I have an option of picking up a Toshiba with AMD dual-core CPU and the ATi 2600 or a HP Intel C2D with the GeForce 8600 ... Which is better for gaming? Why? Please keep in mind, the game which I will be using with this laptop is Bioshock, Oblivion and...
  8. M

    Core 2 Duo vs Pentium 4 [question]

    I am a total noob when it comes to hardware, and I just want to get this cleared up. The difference between Core2Duo and P4... Which is faster, a P4 3.0ghz -or- a 1.66ghz Core2Duo processor? Which one should I choose for a gaming? I want to play elder scrolls 4 oblivion...the minimum system...
  9. adithyagenius

    How to play Oblivion? What's the objective?

    I played many good RPGs like diablo2 lod, deus ex, neverwinter knights, Gothic 1&2. In all these games, I do everything in one areas before triggering advancement to next area. Stats and skills are upgraded to uber levels early by doing side and main missions in a specific order and training...
  10. Third Eye

    The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

    I am running this thread to discuss Oblivion.You can discuss anything about Oblivion like quests,expansion packs,mods,cheats,hints and spoilers. Oblivion Quest's Walkthrough (Spoilers) Oblivion Cheats and Secrets
  11. D

    Oblivion 2 and gma x3000!

    i recently installed the 15.6b patch for my g965ry motherboard and still oblivion 2 crashes after i reach the sewer level just after the king dies ;it was playing fine untill then.(it shows loading and it then just quits ). plz help me!!!
  12. Third Eye

    Oblivion Is Finally Available for the PS3

  13. A

    User Game Reccomendations

    Are these games worth playing: 1. Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion 2. Ghost Recon Advnaced Warfighter
  14. Stalker

    help needed for oblivion 1.1 patch

    hi guys, will patching oblivion to 1.1 help improve performance?? i downloaded a Oblivion_v1.1FinalEnglish.exe file from theelderscrolls.com it tells me to wait 4 20 min for patching, but even after 10 min is stuck at 0 % is this the correct patch??its size is only 1.56 MB. has anyone...
  15. Third Eye

    The Elder Scrolls IV OBLIVION

    I have just bought DVD edition of OBLIVION ,but it has killed my XFX 6600 GT 256 MB.i got 15-20 fps in morning time(means in game) and in night i got 4-5 fps.Can anyone tell me which card OBLIVION wants ?
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