1. Æsoteric Positron

    Discussion and speculation on NVIDIA 3000 series . #*www.nvidia.com/en-in/geforce/special-event/

    So, Nvidia 3000 series (or whatever they call it) is imminent (only 6 days to go now) and I hope ya all or AMPED (or maybe cynical?) like me rt. now. I know there would be much speculation and views on nvidia 3000 series , so I though why not create a separate thread for all these? Here you...
  2. S

    radeon 8670m or 7670m which is better?

    Tell me guys which is better ati radeon 8670m 2 gb or 7670m 2gb....ther are many diff results..also tell why the **** hp is giving 8670m now in 15 series and new laptops..also tell me why nvidea 740m laptops have only 4 cells and not 6 cell battery..they are idiots...
  3. P

    buying xps15

    i am considering xps 15 with the foll. specs 6gb ram,1 tb hdd, i5, 2 gb nvidea. my budget<58000. any other better alternatives welcomed. the xps 15 online price is 57400. i did a chat with dell salesperson he offered me 5% student discount and final price Rs.57346.75 inc. taxes. is...
  4. almighty

    which linux version to download and from where?

    hi frnds i wanna know which linux version i install on my pc and from where i can download it i searched on linux official site but there are lots of os, don know which to choose :( i ve AMD 3000+ with msi mobo , 512 ram, nvidea mx 4000, xp pro installed on it can i use dual boot with linux...
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