1. ithehappy

    Am I making an impractical decision buying a BB in this era?

    Hey guys I am looking to buy a new mobile phone, for my mother, an entry level one. I will keep it short. I need a phone with the following things: - Great Built (it will be dropped, used badly, by me) - Great Call Quality (LOW SAR) - Specs don't matter. SD 818.5 or Exy 9579 all are same for...
  2. Harshverma

    Which GPU to buy max budget 22k Sapphire 7950 VaporX or Asus GTX 760 DC2OC As many of the games nowadays are AMD based like Crysis 3 , FarCry3 , TombRaider ,etc so should I go for 7950
  3. bajaj151

    From where can I buy Logitech G110 in India ??

    I can't able to find Logitech G110 keyboard at descent price. On ebay, it's overpriced and no 10% off like coupon available nowadays.. Please suggest other source..
  4. L

    Why I hate Electronic Arts

    I just read this article ea_spouse: EA: The Human Story which actually touched my heart. I mean ho can a big company like EA treat its employees as described in the article. Also nowadays their games are bad. They have screwed up Fifa series since Fifa 11 and also their over hyped Crysis 2 was...
  5. A

    blackberry info pls..

    what are the pros and cons of buying a blackberry from a service provider (like airtel, idea, etc..) and buying from any shop like say hotspot, etc.. blackberry is available easily anywhere nowadays.
  6. sona

    Creative or Logitech

    Which one is better speaker when it comes to sound quality............??? I think Logitech is better nowadays..... Creative products rely just on brand name....
  7. A

    Firefox crashes

    I have a hp pavillion dv2000 series laptop with windows vista genuine home premium . Most of the times the new firefox crashes when i try to play video on you tube or some other site like this whch has videos embedded in it . This problem i have encountered on many other computers including...
  8. T

    Has anyone participated in the MICROSOFT STUDENT2BUSINESS Competition???

    there is a competition going on at can u give me some ideas of the project or atleast topics that are in vogue nowadays I am particularly interested in using ASP.NET AJAX or VB.NET. Man Somebody answer me???
  9. K

    Formatting probs

    I use a 512mb mmc in my ngage qd. Whenever i need to format it, my phone takes ages to complete it around 30 minutes or so. Once i put the card in my friends N6230 and it formatted the card in a few seconds. I was shocked. Also nowadays i get the message App closed:AppArcServerThread whenever i...
  10. dreams

    MODEM & BSNL Prob!!

    Hi all.. i use BSNL's Dial-Up.. nowadays i get very bad speed <10 kbps in the night time.. i want to know which is the best config to make in a Modem for dial-up.. and also is anyone experiencin the same speed in the night time.. it stops me frm d/l.. I use Dax internal modem.. My PC config is...
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