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  1. Kiran.dks

    Apple Says Some Notebooks May Have Battery Issues

    Apple Says Some Notebooks May Have Battery Issues Mac Guys, Just check out... Apple said on Friday some batteries in its MacBook and MacBook Pro notebook computers may have performance problems, but they do not pose a safety risk. Apple said problems with affected batteries include not...
  2. s18000rpm

    SanDisk rolls out flash hard drives for laptops

    SanDisk wants to replace the hard drive in notebooks with flash memory, a swap that it says will make thin laptops faster and more reliable. The switch, however, will cost you a few hundred dollars more. Roughly $600 to the cost of a notebook :shock: . SanDisk on Thursday released a 32GB...
  3. A

    Notebook gamers

    Thread for gamers who game on notebooks. I am sick of people saying 'U cant game on notebooks! cos u got Intel GMA' sheeesh I own an Acer TravelMate 4152NLCI Intel Pentium M i.7Ghz 256 mb DDR2 INtel gma 900 so guys lets help each other out... I was wondering if I can play NFS carbon on that...
  4. K

    wtb : laptop

    hi guys, i live in new delhi, and i have like 30-35 thousand rupees to spend on a notebook. I wanted to know what config laptop would i get for this price, second hand- and where? will i only get celeron/sempron/p3 for this much ? will i get centrino or p4 notebooks (second hand ) for like...
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