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  1. yogi7272

    is northwood still available ?

    hi guys , i am looking for a pentium 4 socket 478 processor .. i would like to know that the northwood p 4 are still available ? if not in india then where ? cos i am not interested in buying prescott for its heat issues and plan to get a 3.2 ghz and oc it to 3.8-4 ghz ... :lol: pls share...
  2. O

    A Twist In my Quest

    my mind was all set to buy the Intel PRESCOTT processor . But my friends told that PRESCOTT sufer from over heating specialy when it cames to gameing. so then i tried to look for northwood but it seems that northwood is no more . its very hard to find and its xpensive (i don`t know why Intel...
  3. S

    northwood or prescott

    which is better the 3.0 Ghz northwood processor or the 3.0 Ghz Prescott for the 915 Mobo Not worried abt heat just want performance
  4. C

    Questions about Intel P4 - Prescott 2.4 Ghz

    Hey , I am buying a new PC , and a few questions popped in my head after reading replies to my previous post (thx ppl. for the help and comments :) ) 1 . Can someone tell me .... how does it matter if the Prescott 2.4 Ghz gets really hot when compared to a northwood p4 processor...
  5. T


    Guys, i need a reply urgent. I'm on a budget of around 30,000 to buy a machine. The mobo-processor equation i had originally wanted was Asus A7n8xEDX-AMD Athlon 2800+. But the only motherboard able to support the processor available at Kolkata market is Asus A7v8x. So I am in a dillema whether...
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