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  1. D

    Need UPS 1 KVA ( as low noise as possible )

    Previously using APC RS 1100 which was noisy 24x7 is now violently noisy with screeching grinding noises after 3.5 years of use.
  2. Revolution

    IEM under 1K

    Hi All, I want to buy a new IEM within 1K for listening music on the go through mobile phone/PMP. Sound/Build quality must the best in the price range as well as Noise Cancellation cos Kolkata Metro Rail/Buses are very noisy. Sadly my one and half year old PL11 not working properly. Sound not...
  3. V

    Please suggest a good Power supply of 600-700 watt. under 3000 Rs for HD 7770.

    Hello. My specs are : intel core i3 3210 2 GB Ram Motherboard : ECS H61H2-M10 v 1.0(ECS Web Site > H61H2-M2 (V1.0)) I think 6 pin power connector is needed for HD 7770. My current PSU - beetel Bt-450 Do not has 6 pin power connector, it is noisy too.
  4. Cool Buddy

    Noisy Processor fan

    For the last few days, my processor fan has become very noisy. I have: Phenom II X4 840 processor running at stock speed (3.2 Ghz) with stock cooler Gigabyte GA-78LMT-S2P motherboard 4GB DDR3 RAM (single module) MSI Radeon HD 5670 2 HDDs (500GB WD Green and 1TB Seagate) Corsair CX400 PSU...
  5. Techn0crat

    Noisy Monitor Display.

    I have ViewSonic VA1912w(yeah, I know it's shitty okay?) To day when I started my monitor,It was all noisy with zigzag lines.They are much noticeable on grey color.I tried changing refresh rate, lowering it to 60 from 75 but still no luck.:? MoBo is Intel DG33FB and GCard is XFX 8600GT.
  6. ashis_lakra

    VGA cooler

    Are there cheap aftermarket VGA coolers available for HD 4670 DDR3 versions ? The stock fan is very noisy.. how can i replace it ? can it be serviced ?
  7. vishalg

    noisy phenom 955 stock fan

    i have recently bought an phenom 955BE and using it with the stock cooler on asus m4A87TD Evo mainboard now my problem is that even at normal operating conditions its very noisy even at 1100-1200rpm and 36-40C it is more than audible and is really irritating in night:!: i have cool n quiet...
  8. cute.bandar

    Replacement for noisy cpu fan AMD am2

    My stock cpu fan was a lil noisy by default , but became super noisy after i did some 'tinkering' with it. (Read an article about oiling the cpu fan.) I tried to fix what I had broken, but its probably gone for good . So now with a new cpu cooler. I want to go as quiet as possible ...
  9. I

    Noisy Boot

    Hi.... I am having a noisy boot everytime i boot up my system.... a few months ago this was a fortnightly affair but recently it has started to be a headache... everytime i perform a cold boot...the cabinet starts making a noise as if a fan is hitting a wire... but when i opened the cabinet...
  10. S

    Sugget a phone

    Hello Friends, I am looking for Good phone with Good CAM/MP3/FM/Loud Ringtone (avoid to miss calls in Noisy Area) budget is up to 12000/- Flap phone will do!
  11. J

    CPU and SMPS fan getting noisy

    hi all, CPU and SMPS fan of my four year old p4 machine have turned quite noisy...should i get it replaced?? thax
  12. S

    Fan Noisy when Gaming

    Hi, I have an AMD Athlon64 2800+ system with ASUS VIA based Motherboard, 512MB RAM, 80 GB HDD SATA, ATI Radeon 9600, Creative Inspire 4.1 and combo drive. The cabinet is Zebronics Shivaji which came with 400W power supply and 2 side fans. When I am playing games, the fans (not sure if it...
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