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  1. socrates

    Silver Surfers are past it? Never!

    Well, much to my amusement I recently discovered that there's a new name for Internet users in my age group: We are now called "Silver Surfers" (with apparently no nod to Marvel and its superhero of the same name). Silver Surfers are past it? Never! - Computerworld
  2. F

    I need help in choosing...

    Hello there! I need you help in choosing antivirus software. I have NOD and Norton. Which one do you think is better?
  3. H

    nod 32 antivirus update

    Hello i have installed nod 32 antivirus i cant find any updates to download,can anybody tell from where shall i download updates and how to install that........plz Thamking u Hidayath
  4. S

    Does anybody use Nod 32 Antivirus???plz help

    I do not hav an internet connection at home.....so How can I download and install virus signature updates manually in Nod 32 antivirus
  5. samrulez

    Kaspersky Vs NOD 32

    Hi guys, I use NOD 32 with Zone Alarm.Is Kaspersky 6.0 better than my NOD32+ Zone Alarm combo.I have 512 MB memory so pls see the memory usage also..... Thanks,
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