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  1. Shade97

    horizontal line artifacts and low resolution screen on POST/BIOS Splash screen

    my problem basically was after PC is shut down(as in the main power switch turned off) for a long time(always the next morning,because it stays off for 7-8 hours while i sleep ) it used to,and still does some times the following shows how the problem has got progressively worse to its current...
  2. A

    No BEEP sound at start.Nothing is getting displayed at my LCD. :(

    Hey Guys, So i recently upgraded my Graphic card from XFX nvidia 275 GTX to Asus nvidia 760GTX.As earlier my Graphic card went bust, so had to replace. Now everything was working fine.I installed the new card in PCI express slot of my mobo and played a good deal of COH2...after that as i...
  3. P

    How to copy Data from Desktop PC [no display] to External HDD or to another laptop?

    I have an old PC with a VGA port with a damaged display ..The PC is booting up & working normally...I have decided to sell off my old PC ..I need to copy data from 80 GB HDD inside & wipe it off... Is there any possibility to copy data without using any external HDD closure? I do have a...
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