1. Zangetsu

    Now Multiboot in Android OS

    yes you hear right..:doublethumb: u can penta boot on Android OS. but do read the whole article before implementing :mrgreen: How to - Multi-boot Android OS' on your phone -
  2. ico

    Happy Birthday to Nipun :D

    :P :mrgreen:
  3. pramudit

    New year celebration

    So how did you celebrate your new year...? Please share your experience..... I did it by playing counter strike with my clan....... :mrgreen:
  4. Skynaveen

    Price of 500gb or 1TB hdd

    The title conveys it all................ :-) I am going to buy a 500gb or 1tb(if im lucky) HDD. :mrgreen: Can you please give the prices of those :-o Thanks in advance
  5. ico

    Happy Birthday to sygeek

  6. sanithkk81

    Vce to pdf?

    Could anyone please tell me which software can be used to convert .vce file to .pdf? :? Thank you in advance :mrgreen:
  7. S


    please suggest me some good headphone/earphone up-to rupees 3000. sound quality matter a lot than design/quality. and where to buy these in "Delhi"..or in Nehru place Delhi searching for a single product is big headache.:sad: or at least tell me where to find Klipsch Image S4i...
  8. ico

    Happy Birthday NVIDIAgeek!

    :p :mrgreen:
  9. Zangetsu

    Best Sound Quality Speakers??

    Which is the best Sound Quality speakers which will not break even if the volume is set to Max??? :mrgreen: Is it BOSE? or any other? :chinscratch:
  10. anurag100

    A laptop Under 25000

    What will be best choice for a laptop under 25000? It would be awesome if it comes with a dedicated Graphics card :mrgreen:
  11. anagh.k1

    Processor & motherboard confusion

    1. is an amd athlon II x4 630 or phenom II x4 series better suited for work as well as for playing latest games than a intel core 2 quad processor? budget:7k{work means surfing the web,projects,student work} 2. which motherboard is better suited for any of the above processors : biostar...
  12. damngoodman999

    CRYSIS 2 - CRYENGINE 3 Video for Ps3,Xbox360

    *;jsessionid=55dmrf7hbew2 PC rocks !!:mrgreen:
  13. H

    Pakau Shyeries!!!!

    Hey Guys, Looking forward to some Brain Eating Shayeris from you guys... some of them are common... Looking forward to all the Mirza Ghalibs Of Digit to come forward!!! I don't have any at the moment... I'll post them as soon as i find some!!! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
  14. rhitwick

    "Windows XP Blue Screen of Death STOP Codes"

    Disclimer: Guyz I've not written this don't thank me.........ok u can thank me for finding this :mrgreen: The source: *
  15. tarey_g

    And Bluray killed HdDvd..(Proof)

    The battle was fierce, one had to die... :mrgreen:
  16. shady_inc

    1 Gb-then and now!

    Reflection of changing times......:mrgreen:
  17. overdose_14

    Which is the best Processor?

  18. sagar_coolx

    HTML sig. in gmail?

    is it possible to have a html signature in gmail?just like u have it in yahoo?with diff.colours and fonts? i no ther is no option provided for it but is there any other way? :?: :?: :?: :mrgreen:
  19. Sourabh

    Need a Dump ??

    Need a Dump ?? what a place to die lolzz :mrgreen:
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