1. vikramkh

    how to add themes to moto razr v3i

    can anyone let me know how to add themes to motorazr or can new themes even be added or not?
  2. cool_callis

    unlocking motorazr v3

    my cousin lives in new york. he sent me a motorazr v3 mobile phone.but it is locked for at&t network which is not available in india ... how can i unlock this phone so that i can use it on ny other network?? reply soon..
  3. A

    MotoRazr V3i not detected by Motorola Phone Tools in Vista

    I have a MotoRazr V3i and have installed the Motorola Phone Tools (MPT) v 4.1 (which came with the phone) on my HP laptop running Windows Vista Home Premium. The problem is that MPT doesn't detect the phone in Vista but it works flawlessly under XP, although when I connect the phone via USB...
  4. A

    Nokia6300 versus MOTOSLVRL9 versus MOTORAZRV3xx

    Can anyone help me choose between Nokia 6300 , MOTOSLVR L9 and MOTORAZR V3xx ???
  5. B


    how can i save my smses on the computer for motorazr v3i?
  6. T

    installing java apps in Motorazr V3X

    how can i install java games in motorazr v3x, i have the connecting cable along with the pcsuite.. also tell other than jad, jar which format it supports??
  7. A

    Price of MotoRazr V3i and 6630

    Can anyone tell me the bargained price of an MotoRazr V3i and a NOKIA 6630. Can any programs be installed in the MotoRazr V3i. If possible please include the addresses of the sites from where I can download the programs. Can you tell me the price of 1GB of an RSMMC memory card? Can programs for...
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