1. A

    my gprs is slow???

    i am using moto l7 n my network is idea(a.p) my gprs is slow.plz help me......
  2. Ganeshkumar

    To Get Fm Radio Without Inserting Handsfree...

    Hi all :) :) Long back I had seen a thread started to KNOW IS THERE ANY POSSIBILTY TO GET FM RADIO WITHOUT INSERTING HANDSFREE..... And all replies r negative...:) But Today i got :idea: :idea: to know frm other forum that IT is possible in MOTO ROKR E6!! :) :) And sorry for Other...
  3. the great one

    Moto Rokr E6

    Well i should tell u i am eyeing Moto Rokr E6. Any body using the phone plz tell me not the reviews from any tech site plz , i want exact info plz. Also battery backup. Anybody knows abt its camera can it function as a webcam also wen connected 2 a pc. Also sum body has told me dat there...
  4. *GandaBerunda*

    moto SLVR L9?

    how gud is the moto SLVR l9?
  5. Gigacore

    Problem running Moto Racer 2, help please

    hi guys i just installed Moto Racer 2.... but when i run it... i'm getting the following error... says it needs some DLL..... Should i download that DLL,..... ? if so, where should i copy it to? and whats next? Thanks in Advance
  6. R

    Nokia 95 VS Moto Razr2 LIVE PICS

    Mods Please Edit the Title :p Here We have a Comparision Between the Nokia’s N76 And Motorola’s Second generation Moto RAZR. The MotoRAZR2 Is a bit Thinner than the Nokia N76 and the Keyboard design is also more good looking. Except all this, Nokia N76 easily overcomes the RAZR2. The larger...
  7. Ganeshkumar

    Moto Rokr E6 or Ming a1200 ???

    Can any1 tell me how is the sound o/p in Moto rakr E6?? then wat is the difference between Ming a1200 and E6?? is it worth Rs. 2000?? and then...... touch screen without keypad willbe a problem>?? AND HOW IS THE BATTERY! I need a good battery ...... And any other proble or thingsto...
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