1. Liverpool_fan

    Good Half Life 2 Modifications

    I own copy of Orange Box and so can play Half Life 2 Mods. Can you guys recommend good modifications of HL2. I have played few mods, and liked only one of them: Minerva. Do you guys know any good modifications? What I need? (1) It should be single player. (2) Please no "gun, run and...
  2. [xubz]

    Best Parking Sigh Ever?

    Just Found this on Digg See this * THAT would be very useful in our Cities (esp. Bangalore) with a few modifications :D
  3. A

    Playing games without slowing down PC!!!

    I want to play games but actually my computer gets slow when I install games. My friend also has the same problem when he plays games. I have heard about Gaming Freaks who play games all the time. What modifications do they do so that their computer does not slow down even when they play so...
  4. H

    fifa 06

    i run windows xp sp2, whenever i try to install fifa 06 it gives me an error "you do not have access to make the required system modifications, rerun this installation from an administrative account". but i am running it from an administrative account. please help!
  5. S

    ram problem

    i have p4 ,1.5 ghz ,40gb hdd and 128 mb ram should i upgrade to 512mb or 1gb,2gb ram BY ADDITIONAL OR REPLACING OLD RAM what other modifications are required what type of ram- sdr,ddrII. or ddrIII.
  6. M

    800 MB Cd problem - - -plz plz plz help me out

    Hi guys, plz help me out. I have ' Gladiator ' avi file. The size of the file is 761MB so naturally it is not possible to write on 700MB CD as data file. So I bought 800MB CD from market but still i could not write it, I heard that some modifications are required to be made in NERO...
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