1. Sarath

    About my moderator status

    Hi everyone, Coming straight to the point, I would like to propose for the disqualification of my moderator status. As some of you may or may not have noticed, I have been highly inactive lately (more than a year) and my further appearances here might be an even rarer sight. I might start my...
  2. pauldmps

    Erodov plays a huge prank on April Fools day.

    So I logged into my [E] account today only too find my name in the "Announcements" section stating: It was like Wow!!!!!!! Then I hastily searched for the Mod CP link which I wasn't able to find. Only then I realized that the thread was made in that way to dupe every user. If you log in...
  3. D

    Price List !!!

    I have got this price list from Computer Warehouse Online - Buy Computers, Computer Parts, Computer Accessories, Laptops and Electronics Banglore...Think this would be useful for this forum. moderator add it to your master list. I couldn't attach excel files in here..Go for this link...
  4. gaurav_indian

    Congrats MetalheadGautham our new moderator

  5. raksrules

    How do i know who is a Moderator and he/she is online ?

    How do i know who is a Moderator and he/she is online ?
  6. Gigacore

    How to be a top moderator in 6 easy steps

    Wanna know how to become a top moderator? Read This :D
  7. BBThumbHealer

    Qualifications For A Moderator

    just does a member becomes the moderator of the forum ? OR wat does it takes to become a MOD ? thnx BlackBerry7100g...:o
  8. aryayush

    Last person to post is a "Super Talented Geek™"!

    Hello! :) Yes, you heard that right. The last person to post in this thread is a "Super Talented Geek™". BTW, if a moderator decides to hop along and spoil the fun by closing the thread, the person who posted last before the offending moderator is the chosen one. No candies for the bad...
  9. Gigacore

    Top 10 reasons not to insure your cell phone!!

    Close this post Mr Moderator!!!! People are mad and crazy commenting...... Guilty Should be Punished!!!!!
  10. pritish_kul2


    how do we become moderator or any other high rank?
  11. V

    Plz help me on these problems

    Plz help me on these problems: i) How can I upload new avatars on my forums ii) How can I select users as a moderator without any addon software.
  12. K


    Ihave been around for 12 days over 200 posts !!! a resident techie !!! but 2day for the 1st time i have come across many Id's That READ -"ON A WARNING "---???? wats this? Hey Tell me How to u Guys get the SYMBOL --- BRAINIAC , MODERATOR ?????? PLZ TELL ME !!! Cheers !!!! :lol:
  13. cool_dude_prav

    Could someone do this?? For all Debian-derived users...

    Could someone plz post a small Step-by-Step tutorial for Debian-derived-Linux users on how to install .tar.gz packages..? I had requested our Moderator GNUrag... but he seemed a bit busy... Could someone else take over??? Tnx in advance...
  14. GNUrag

    List of GNU/Linux user groups in India

    A good OpenSource/GNU-Linux forum should also have a list of all the LUG mailing lists. So here it is... till now we use to redirect people to LFY's page but now we have our own list which was originally compiled by Fredrick Noronha (FN) and posted to FSF-Friends mailing list . I would keep...
  15. P

    I want 2 b moderator

    I want 2 b the moderator of this Digit forum.. What should I do??
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