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  1. R

    [ISSUE] Micromax A116 Canvas HD - Headphones compatibilty problem

    So, guys, I bought the new Canvas HD (Micromax A116) ... Everything is very well exceeding my expectations except two issues (one minor, one major) Minor - GPS has problems latching onto a satellite. Can be fixed with some booster apps, I guess. There are youtube videos out there explaining the...
  2. R

    Price for Used IPHONE 4

    If i were to buy a 1 yr used Iphone4 16gb with minor scratches how much should i pay the seller. Seller is asking 21k.
  3. Desmond

    [Breaking news] 3 Minor bomb blasts in Pune few minutes from now.

    Sources : Three minor explosions reported in Pune - The Times of India Three minor blasts hit Pune, one injured - Hindustan Times Four minor blasts in Pune, one injured - India - Maharashtra - ibnlive Correction: 4 bomb blasts., 1 defused.
  4. montsa007

    Core 2 Duo Laptop

    Not needed anymore. Can be closed. Holla, Am looking for a used Core 2 Duo Laptop for gaming as well as internet browsing, need to replace my netbook :twisted: Don't want some 'excellent laptop with some minor problems' stuff. PM me your offers or post here. Am located in Mumbai and prefer...
  5. RBX

    Minor Project : Text Editor in Java with Syntax Highlighting

    We've been asked to work on a Minor Project and the only thing I've been able to think up of is a Text Editor (which should be pretty simple) with Syntax Highlighting. I'm not sure how it could be done but will surely figure out a way to do it in following months. All I'd like to ask is the...
  6. paroh

    New avast program update 5.1.864

    New avast program update 5.1.864 The most notable improvements are: - boot-time scanner now available even in 64-bit Windows - big improvements in the Behavior Shield - improvements in the antirootkit engine - improvements in the cleaning module - stability/performance improvements in...
  7. krishnandu.sarkar

    Plz help for Minor Peoject in Railway Reservation System

    Hie......I'm in BCA final yr. I'm supposed to do a minor project in Railway Reservation System in VB So can ny1 here give me a rough idea about the modules, database, froms etc. I'll b using VB6.0 and MS Access / Oracle as backend. Plz provide me atleast the tables tat I shud...
  8. amitabhishek

    Help with Onkyo system

    I own an Onkyo system and for some unavoidable reason I had to reassemble the entire system. I mean re-connecting speakers, woofer, TV etc. But now I am not getting the same output that you would expect from an Onkyo system. Though all speakers are working somehow that old effect is gone. Now it...
  9. Desmond

    Which GPU to opt for?

    I am unable to make my mind as to which GPU to opt for? Should I in for a 8800 or a 9600. Which is a more better option? My budget is about 10000 Rs. with some minor incrementation possible.
  10. Plasma_Snake

    My Minor Thing

    I have to give my minor project of Enng. in November. Currently I'm doing Core Java and will move on to Advanced Java. Primarily I'm planning to make a game but as a "Plan B" I've decided to make a Telephone Directory program in Java with a twist. Twist is that after displaying the Address of a...
  11. K

    FS:MotoRokr E6

    I am selling my Moto Rokr E6 the bundled products are Mobile with a battery,charger,company headphones and micro sd card-512MB with adapter. My Price is Rs.8500/- Plus shipping and its just 1 Year and 1 month old, and there are some minor scratches due to normal use and its working perfectly if...
  12. C

    chkdsk doesnt fix some errors !!

    hi Yesterday suddenly i cdnt acces one of my slave drives .. 160GB SATA , Seagate [1 partition of 149 GB only ].. only clicking it says format ? So i ran chkdsk with /f AND /r options .. it says .. CHKDSK is verifying files (stage 1 of 3)... File record segment 4 is unreadable...
  13. ax3

    Minor Bug in New Firefox

    Check this link out : http://www.pcworld.com/article/127673-1/article.html?tk=nl_dnxnws
  14. rajat22

    WinRAR 3.50 Beta 7 Released

    WinRAR 3.50 Beta 7 What's new in the latest Version 3.50 beta 7: 1. Bugs fixed: a) previous versions could display an incorrect value in the "Files slack" field of "File information" dialog; b) minor corrections in ZIP repair command. Homepage - http://www.rarlab.com Size: 990 KB...
  15. D

    750mb *.dat(mpeg)vcd file to be burnt on 700 mb cd

    I am relatively new here. See if u can help me out. I have a 750 mb .dat file i copied from a vcd. I want to write the same using a 700 mb media. A minor loss in quality is acceptable. What do i do. And what exactly is the diff btwn mpeg1 and .dat(vcd format). Is interconversion of them possible?
  16. bizzare_blue

    Need help with my project

    Can anybody give me an idea for a minor project?
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