1. avinandan012

    New Career

    After telengana 20 new state movement have begun in various parts of India. That means 20 possible new Chief Ministers + his/her cabinet of ministers. Now that's a huge number of ministers & career opportunity. Do any job you will at max earn few lakhs/year or if you are in executive posts at...
  2. Piyush

    Karnataka ministers caught watching porn in assembly

    In an embarrassment to the BJP Government in Karnataka, two ministers were caught on camera allegedly watching a porn clipping on a mobile phone in the state Assembly during its proceedings. The shocking incident involved minister for cooperation Laxman Savadi, who was watching the...
  3. thewisecrab

    The Great Indian Govt. Debate

    I've been prompted about this a lot on #krow at freenode. Each time, I get a strange response. Well, since I got tired of typing out the same crap over and over again, I decided to make this thread. Whats it about? Its a response to everyone who says "well, you say you want get out of the...
  4. iinfi

    policeman dies as ministers look on ... its a ****INGing DISGRACE

    Source: *
  5. din

    MS Office installed !!

    Well, is that a news ? I mean MS Office installed The channel Asianet thinks so. Nice title lol Check the screenshot Click here if you can't see the picture above. Dr Manmohan Singh takes over as Prime Minister for the second consecutive time. 19 ministers cabinet ministers...
  6. windchimes

    Parliament...A big joke?

    I would love to ask you all Digitians whether our politicians are the right people to rule this country. The other day I was watching the N-deal vote in Lok Sabha. The entire setting reminded me of a Kindergarten but with kids aged almost 55+ As the Principal we have Somnath Chatterjee...
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