1. true_lies

    error trying to run 3Dmark11

    Downloaded 3DMark11 Basic edition and installed. Preset at Performance and running Benchmark Tests only. Get a "please wait..." splash screen, window then minimizes and after a minute or so getting this message: Specs in my Sig
  2. Faun

    Game minimizes at regular intervals

    I am encountering this weird problem in Win 7 64 bit. Playing games (BF bad company 2, Team Fortress 2) in steam works fine for few minutes and then the game minimizes in the middle of action. Sometimes game windows loses focus. Happens with every game. What could be the problem ? I...
  3. U

    Automatic minimized

    whenever i play games like NFSU or NFSU2 or any, the game window automatically minimizes! EVen when playing media files also! tell me what to do plz!
  4. U


    yesterday a friend of mine gave me CD's of Juiced! I loaded it! It installed! I configured it! BUT as i ran the game it gets minimized either way alt+tab didn't work! i clicked on its minimized icon but it still minimizes plz help me fast!! i have dx 9.0C NVIDIA 66.81 drivers
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