1. confused

    Need Help, Menu bar vanished in Windows Explorer!!

    Hi guys, i had some friends over yesterday, and at the end of the day i noticed the menubar missing from Windows Explorer! I have no idea how it happened, I also tried right clicking to get it back, but found no options to do. Please help me get it back, its a real PITA without the menubar...
  2. dare_devil

    ubuntu,Compiz and menubar( close, maximize etc)

    i recently shifted completely to ubuntu. i am still beginner in ubuntu, but want to try out. as i think every new user do, i also upgraded all files and install other apps that are recommended. now when i restarted menubar( close, maximize etc) get lost from all windows and i cant able to move...
  3. enticer86

    Ctrl + Alt + Del not working

    Hi frnds, Attached image shows the screen I get after pressing CTRL + Alt + Del.. Theres no menubar. What could be the problem?
  4. Dark Star

    Mac Menbar problem ! Urgent Help Required!

    I installed Mac Menubar but whenever I open an application its main toolbar appear in Panel .. Please help me to restore the toolbar to its right position ? Mac Menubar doesn't show menu like Gimme and default Main Menu ? Please help me . Here is what it looks like Regards
  5. Samystic

    Nice Notepad Tweak

    Hello Digigans!!! Most of us use Notepad for some or the other purpose...some advanced users may do their stuff in NoteTab Pro,etc. This l'il tweak will remove the hassles of using the menu(which i found to be very irritating while using Find, Replace). It actually removes the menubar! OK...
  6. Vishal Gupta

    TUTORIAL: Hide Menubar, Addressbar & Throbber in My Computer

    Guys! Many time we want to hide Menubar or addressbar or the little throbber in My computer, but we can't hide them coz there is no option to hide them except addressbar. Hence in this tutorial, I'll tell u about various Registry codes, which can be used for: Hiding Menubar Hiding Addressbar...
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