1. rakesh_sharma23

    [56k Warning]ASUS Maximus VIII RANGER Motherboard Review - PART I

    ASUS Maximus VIII RANGER Motherboard Review Intel’s new Skylake feature packed platform is here and all motherboard manufacturers are introducing new products featuring Z170 chipset and new LGA 1151 Socket. With this new platform ASUS decided to re-design the Republic of Gamers (ROG)...
  2. CloudVII

    Extreme Overclocking with ASUS Maximus VII Impact, Strix 980Ti and 4790k

    Hello guys !!! It’s another extreme overclocking update from my OC sessions at ASUS India Office!! Today I had a chance to do some extreme overclocking using the best mini-itx motherboard Maximus VII Impact and the brand me Strix 980Ti DC3. The complete system specs :- • Asus Maximus...
  3. C

    ASUS Maximus VII Impact Review : Mini-ITX Rocket

    ASUS Maximus VII Impact Review Even five years back, the term mini-ITX was generally paired with HTPCs or small-scale, low-power servers. It was not a wrong mindset at that time, since most of the mini-ITX boards came with limited feature sets. From the manufacturer’s point of view it was...
  4. AVSEQ

    Need suggestion for Motherboard and Cabinet

    So I'm going to upgrade my PC with Core i7 4770. Please suggest an ASUS motherboard for this processor. I'll mostly use my PC for playing latest games and running Visual Studio 2013. How about the Maximus VI motherboards (Gene, Hero etc.)? Are they any good? Also I'll change my cabinet. I have...
  5. sumonpathak

    Maximus VI Extreme pushes 4770K to 7GHZ!

    So i was random surfing and this came into my attention Quoting since am too lazy today :p Source: 7174MHz 4770K On Maximus VI Extreme! | Republic of Gamers i guess i can reference this when people diss me for recommending ROG. Validation link EDIT: i posted before...but i...
  6. rakesh_sharma23

    3rd PC ..

    This is going to be my third PC, beside a laptop and a netbook.. Was going for Maximus V Formula first.. but was out of stock ...... Thanks . Rakesh Sharma
  7. mandarpalshikar

    BSOD if EnableULPS set to 1 on Maximus V Formula with HD7950 CrossFireX setup

    Hi Guys, Need your inputs please. If EnableULPS is set to 1 in registry while using HD7950 crossfire setup on Maximus V Formula, I get BSOD and my OS hangs at start. So I need to set it to 0 to use the system. This does not affect power usage much as the second card takes only 15 watts in idle...
  8. mandarpalshikar

    Asus Maximus V Gene Z77 Mohterboard

    Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: Asus Maximus V Gene Z77 Motherboard Maximus V GENE - Republic of Gamers Expected Price: 12000 (Octroi if any would be born by purchasee) Time of Purchase: 5th May 2012 from Company official Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period...
  9. mandarpalshikar

    Best Z77 Motherboard

    Guys.. which one of these you think is the best Z77 motherboard ? Please add any other motherboard that I may have missed. I've mixed all the flagships and high end offerings together so that we can factor in cost to performance ratio. ASRock Z77 Extreme 6 ASRock Fatality Z77 ASRock Z77 OC...
  10. R

    Msi z77 mpower or maximus v gene

    So I m undecided between these 2 mobos,my rig is in my signature,which one should I go with?
  11. G

    Maximus V formula boards in india

    Did any vendor claim to have Maximus V formula boards in stock? Though some websites like it-depot and deltaperipherals have put them in their website but i don't think they are available yet. Even at rashi peripherals website does not show this board.
  12. A

    Replacement Mobo for 10k

    I have the following rig: Intel core i5 2600k - Sandybridge G.Skill Ripjaws X 4x2 Dual channel ram Seagate Barracuda 1 tb XFX HD 5750 Coolermaster Extreme Power 460w I have a Maximus IV gene z motherboard but now its dead and I want to buy a new one. My budget is around 10k. Please...
  13. S

    asus maximus iv gene-z or maximus v

    hi to all i bought anew motherboard which i go for i need this for gaming. this or oter i need mobo in 10000 t o 16000. which one you prefer on those...??
  14. B

    new gaming pc configuration

    1. What is the purpose of the computer? What all applications and games are you going to run? (Stupid answers like 'gaming' or 'office work' will not work. Be exact. Which games? Which applications? Avoid the word 'et cetera.') Ans:i will be playing games which has high graphics...
  15. V

    Any major disadvantages of Asus Maximus IV gene Z?

    Hello.....Was fixed on a p8p67 pro ...until i came across this Board:Asus Maximus IV gene Z ....Its quite small.......are they any disadvantages regarding that?i know they overclock the 2500k so much....and do i need a water cooler for oc'ing to 4.5-4.8ghZ?pretty impressed with the...
  16. sumonpathak

    P8Z68-V PRO V Maximus IV GENE-Z V Maximus IV Extreme

    well...guys...first let me make it clear THIS is NOT an WHAT TO BUY thread hence not posting in the buying help forum.... now to the point... i "may" get an new mobo for my Intel setup..any one of the these three... P8Z68-V PRO Maximus IV GENE-Z Maximus IV Extreme so which one should...
  17. A

    Asus maximus IV gene-z - CMOS problem

    I bought a brand new asus maximus IV gene-z last week.The problem is,each time I turn it off,I have to reset the cmos using a switch provided at the back of motherboard,otherwise it wont boot.It just turns on for 3 seconds and then turns off.If I reset the cmos,I just have to enter the bios,save...
  18. game-freak

    ASUS reveals models and price of z68 mobo

    z68 motherboard models and their prices for the indian market MAXIMUS IV EXTREME-Z Rs. 24500/- MAXIMUS IV GENE-Z Rs. 11950/- P8Z68 DELUXE Rs. 16550/- P8Z68-V PRO Rs. 13550/- P8Z68-V...
  19. ajayashish

    new config... help needed...

    I went to the market to get the price of the components i am interested in buying and here are the prices i got... Q6600...................Rs 10000 Abit IX38 Quad GT.........Rs 10700 Asus Maximus Formula....Rs 15800 Corsair 2X2GB XMS2 800MHz......Rs 6800 CM...
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