1. iinfi

    No help for NSG commando battling acute disorder

    No help for NSG commando battling acute disorder
  2. M

    Plzzz plzzzz plzzz help - How to change guest admin account in vista

    Hi friends, I have Microsoft Vista Home premium installed on my laptop. I had administrator account – “Manoj” on with password. But my brother logged into my account using my password, created Guest account and gave administrator status to guest account and now I cannot change anything...
  3. M

    Dell dealer in pune ?

    Hi pls provide me adress of dell dealer of pune. Thanks Manoj
  4. fakkadbaba

    Problem with 'Folder Security' software

    I installed Folder Security ver 1.0(Free Version) provided on DIGIT CD some time back, and it was working fine. This has been developed and provided by Mr Manoj Kumar A P, who has given his email address as and url as When installed, this...
  5. M

    how to add widgets in opera...?

    little noobs question but i m not getting this..... pls ..any tell me steps or link of any tutorial regards manoj
  6. M

    How to backup bookmarks ?

    hi lot of might know this but i need help .. just tell me how to back up book marks of ie...firefox ..opera..avant..... is there any software or no need of any softy..... thanks manoj
  7. M

    ms office which onc is recent.2003 or xp

    hi which ms office is xp or 2003.....i have ms office 2002...... i know recent is office 2007......but out of xp and 2003 which one is recent ? means ....which version was before office 2007 ? thanking u manoj
  8. M

    what is hardware ID ?

    HI pls explain me whats hardware id ,,,,,, means of which specific part of pc,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, manoj
  9. M

    DAT to avi ,,,,mpg,,,,,mpeg,,,,,,wmv

    hi suggest me any freeware convertor to convert DAT files to avi/mpg/mpeg/wmv i have did lot search but didnt get that so would like to ask all digitians regards manoj
  10. M

    FM Radio for Nokia 6600

    Hi, Everybody knows that 6600 lacks radio, but i heard that there are some softwares for FM radio which works through GPRS. so anybody have any idea from where I can find these softwares??? I am having AVEC Radio which does not work. so plz help me. Bye Thanking u Manoj
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