ms office which onc is recent.2003 or xp

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which ms office is xp or 2003.....i have ms office 2002......

i know recent is office 2007......but out of xp and 2003 which one is recent ? means ....which version was before office 2007 ?

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they all are same for general use. most work of office can be done in office 2000. but microsoft holes get pluged in newer version. msoffice 2002 is office xp. office 2003 version is before office 2007
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The first answer was sufficient for this thread but as is always the case with discussion boards, we've already had five unnecessary replies and here I am, adding the sixth one. :D
Anyway, mkmkmk, if you are upgrading to Office 2003, seriously consider upgrading directly to Microsoft Office 2007 Professional Beta 2, because the interface is very rich and it does not have any major bugs! :)
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