Problem with 'Folder Security' software

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I installed Folder Security ver 1.0(Free Version) provided on DIGIT CD some time back, and it was working fine. This has been developed and provided by Mr Manoj Kumar A P, who has given his email address as and url as
When installed, this program shows up as Directory Security. This program helps in hiding folders and really does it well. On one occassion, when I had hidden some important folders on my 'D' drive,I forgot about them and did not unhide them before I reinstalled Windows XP(P) on my 'C' drive. Ever since then, these 'hidden' folders are visible as recycle bin icon, showing the correct attributes, but with their contents not accessible to me. Efforts to contact Manoj have failed as his addresses given are possibly no more valid. Can any one help me regain these important files as these pertain to my office work. I will be really thankful.


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Open a command prompt :
Start > Run > Cmd {Press Enter}

Navigate to the path where your "hidden" folder is there.
Now say the folder you want to restore is called "Personal" , type this command :

Ren Personal.{645FF040-5081-101B-9F08-00AA002F954E} Personal

Press Enter

You folder should open now ..


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Thanks a ton for your effort to help me out. Sadly I am a complete novice when handling command prompt/wordstar is concerned, hence I cannot proceed further. I will be extremely thankful if you could write down the furthe steps for me. The 'hidden' folders are on Drive D and show themselves as under, given in brackets:-


Coming back to life ..
echo Renaming files ..
echo Off
ren 2.{645FF040-5081-101B-9F08-00AA002F954E} SecretFolder1
ren 3.{645FF040-5081-101B-9F08-00AA002F954E} SecretFolder2
attrib -s -h -r SecretFolder1
attrib -s -h -r SecretFolder2
echo All Done .. Have a coffee and open your folders.

^^ Copy this in notepad and save in the the drive where those folders are located. Save the file as Unhide.bat . Now double click on Unhide.bat and your folders will be renamed and unhidden ..


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Do you want another such pogram that works the same way that was developed by me???

I have been sharing it on this forum and on orkut....


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guyz plz help bugged by dis software. i had installed dis item in vista n locked few folders. after dat i uninstalled it without unlocking d folders, then i immediately installed dis s/w again, n i was able to unlock the folders wid d same ld password. den i locked those folders again , but now im unable to unlock dem. d folders are on my external hard drive. my lappy hard drive has 2 drive partition C and D. n hard drive shows F and G. the folders are in G drive.the folders name are mithilesh res;ume, bput results, al and asp.
plz help guyz....i tried d above tricks but none helped!!! :(


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I too installed te Folder Security ver 1.0(Free Version) provided on DIGIT CD

When I try to unprotect one of the folders the box that pops up has 58 in the upper panel and " File already exists " in the lower one. I am unable to open the folder

Any solutions?

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