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    Best laptop for 55k for Photo editing

    Hello, I have a budget of 55k and need to buy a laptop for Lightroom CC and Photoshop CC. Can you help me find one. Thanks, Mandar
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    Bluetooth headphones for 1.5k

    Hi people pls suggest good bluetooth earphones for Nokia x6. Regards, Mandar
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    PS3 Sound output query!

    Hi guys i have hooked my ps3 to my pc monitor thru hdmi..i want to know how can i get sound output through my 2.1 pc speakers? Thanks and regards, mandar.
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    Trusted Tattoo Parlour in Mumbai

    Hi guys looking for a trusted tattoo parlour in mumbai.Wish to get the Bat symbol tattooed on my left arm..pls help me out with recommending the best one to get it done. Regards, Mandar.
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    Nexus S battery issue!

    Hi guys..today morning I kept my mb for charging n still after 2hrs battery show was 2o% n refuses to go beyond that. what could be the reason? is it dead? pls reply. its draining now ... regards Mandar
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    Usb Speakers for 1-1.5k Needed!

    Hi guys need USB speakers best in range of 1.5l\k max.Pls help me choose one to pair with Samsung S3. Regards, Mandar.
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    Best Maruti Suzuki servicing in Mumbai!

    hey guys I need to service my Ritz Zxi soon.My three free services are over and dont wish to continue with Navnit motors.Please let me know good dealer near ghatkopar-Mulund region. Thanks and Regards, Mandar.
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    how to file complaint against mobile service operator?

    Hi Guys Vodafone has rejected my mnp request on flimsy grounds.I want to sue them.Please help me to do so... Thnks.... Regards, Mandar.
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    Need External HDD for 3k

    Hey guys i need good reliable external Hdd in budget of 3k.Which 1 are better-WD or Seagate? Thanks in advance. Regards, Mandar.
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    SE J230i

    Hi guys , i am plannning to buy this mobile for my mom on her birthday.Whats it price?Is it user friendly? Thanx, Mandar
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    Cheapest Edge Enabled Mobile!

    Hi guys i want to buy the cheapest available mobile with Edge.I think nokia 3220 is only option.Can i connect it to my pc and surf the net on pc with hi speed? Thanx, Mandar
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    What Is Edge?

    Hi guys may i know what is EDGE?I have heard it is advansed gprs.Can i connect edge enabled fone to pc to browse internet on pc?Is thare any phone in 5k range with edge? Thanx, Mandar.
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    Hi guys i installed realtek ac97 drivers from digit dvd of oct 2005 from then my pc has turned mute.No sound atall.Plz help me! :( :( :( Mandar :?
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