1. A

    Places to Visit in Malaysia

    Hi I like to get the details about some of the best places to visit in Malaysia, anyone can suggest me
  2. D

    please help me to buy a laptop around 30K

    guys i'm planning to buy a laptop around 30K for normal home use use from malaysia and laptops in malaysia r quite cheap compared to india i'm thinking to go for dell inspiron DD2GN090 which cost 40K here in india and i can get it there around 30k Dell New Inspiron 15R Laptop (3rd Gen Ci5/...
  3. topgear

    This Guy Definitely Has More CPUs Than You Do

    At Tom's Hardware, we get a lot of CPUs, but we don't have nearly as many CPUs as this guy. We're not sure who he is, other than one of the biggest fans of CPU history in the world. He revealed his collection on a Russian forum, posting pictures with a message "here is my modest...
  4. R

    Which 1 is better for N73ME fineland made or Malaysia made?

    hi frnds i m currently staying in Russia- Smolensk, here v get Nokia models with MADE IN FINELAND & as far as i know in India v get MADE IN MALAYSIA. one of my friend is having N80 made in Fineland & i m having N80 Malaysia made which i bought from India 3 months b4. Once i connected his...
  5. R

    Need Help with this

    Hi friends........... I am purchasing a new motherboard(for conroe) and also a graphic card. I want to know where it is cheaper ??? In Singapore or Malaysia ???? Please post soon Thank you
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